US Made Leather Knife Sheath

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US Made Leather Knife Sheath
Handcrafted of Full Grain Leather
Attaches securely to your belt – The work of a skilled craftsman
15A02.02 Full Size Knife Sheath

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15A02.01 Smaller Knife Wallet

Available 01/10/2021


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Our handsome and well made leather knife sheath comes in two sizes for your favorite folding knives. For those who wish to carry a pocket knife at the ready on the belt, but lack a leather sheath to put it in. Both sizes have a belt loop. The larger has a top security flap, and the smaller provides security by its snug grip. These are truly neat, and provide a great function for pocket knife lovers. Made in the USA. See tabs below for each sheath's size and approximate capacity.
Small Sheath Specs
3 5/8"
1 5/8""
Knife Capacity:
3 5/8"
1 5/8""
Large Sheath Specs
2 5/8""
Knife Capacity:
4 1/4"
1 3/8""

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Overall Rating
  • Great Knife and Sheath

    Paul Seaman, 10/26/2020 Great Knife for smaller jobs. Great quality sheath very well made good quality leather. Very happy with knife and sheath
  • Great Sheath

    Charles, 9/20/2020 Quality piece with good workmanship. Nice leather and sturdy construction. Very pleased with the sheath.
  • Smaller Knife Wallet

    Ad, 7/18/2020 Skip this one and go for the full size. So small it is really difficult to grab hold and extract the knife.
  • Whittling knife with sheath

    Michael A, 5/30/2020 CLASSIC!Great blade, leather and craft skills. May be smaller on the sizing.
    Overall,high quality product.
  • Weak

    Garrett Pfetzing , 5/13/2020 Size matters... going to have to use for my tiny knife. Really a 4 1/2 knife fits and the flap folds over adequately.?? Designed by someone who never picked up a knife.
  • Full size sheath review

    Robert F, 5/5/2020 A beautifully made sheath with rich, real leather. The only downside is it is a bit tight for the three blade UK Navy knife which is very wide. A quality leather treatment and some gently stretching this should be a very good fit within a month or two.
  • Leather as Art

    Robert Lange, 4/21/2020 As is said, buying something excellent is the truest economy.
    I recently purchased this knife sheath and it is a thing of beauty,
    both aesthetically and functionally. It looks exactly as it does in the photo,
    only better...much a piece of leather from Hermes or Longchamp.
    The color is absolutely beautiful, a rich russet, golden brown.
    The design is brilliantly simple. The tab closure eliminates the typical snap
    which so easily scratches a beautiful prized knife.
    Stitching is more than ample. In a very short time, the sheath conforms exactly
    to the shape of the knife.
    I did, before using it for the first time, apply two coats of Saphir Neutral, probably the world's finest leather cream both to enhance the leather and
    protect the stitching.
    I am truly delighted and am about to order a second one just to have a spare should this sheath ever be discontinued.
    It is really, really a thing of beauty and so incomparably practical.
    Beautiful design!
  • Good design, leather OK, weak stitching.

    Richard Boylan, 8/29/2019 This is a good-looking sheath. I bought the larget model in 2016, and have carried a Gerber single-blade lockback in it ever since. I had to remove the clip from the Gerber knife in order for the fold-over flap to work, but the sheath held it securely enough that I did not mind. It looks good enough on my belt that people often complimented its appearance. Unfortunately, a few months back, I noticed that the belt loop leather was stretching and looking thin. I'd recommend using a slightly thicker piece for the loop. However, before the leather became a problem, the stitching of the belt loop tore away from the main sheath body. Now, daily carrying for nearly three years is pretty good, so I'm not intending to complain too much. But I wish that both the belt loop leather and the stitching that held it were both a but stronger, so that the sheath could endure a few decades of use, rather than a few years. At this point, I am weighing the price / value and will decide whether to buy another of this model or look elsewhere for my next sheath.
  • Elegant and professional

    Robert Matz, 3/3/2019 I've been looking for the right sheath for my favorite Schatt and Morgan knife for years. The large version is perfect. No metal rivets, no branding-thank you! This sheath is of the highest quality. I work for a builder, and architects and Carpenters alike have asked me, "where did you get that?"
  • A small belt knife for easy access.

    Travers Edwards, 12/9/2018 This is a perfect way to carry a small gentleman's pocket knife in jeans. It is sometimes hard to reach in a tight pocket and fish out a small knife. This leather case is perfect to wear on a leather belt. It can be personalized with a soldering iron with initials or logo.
  • A perfect case for a Swiss knife

    Travers Edwards, 12/9/2018 This is a perfect case to carry a multiple attachment knife too large to carry in my jeans. It is well made and it can be personalized with a small soldering iron.
  • A Rarity these days, it seems, a well made product!

    L. Dunn, 11/5/2018 A top quality leather knife sheath and very well crafted. Since I, myshelf am different, I am drawn to different & interesting items I really like the closing flap on this sheath.
  • Almost too good for the size

    J. Moore, 8/15/2018 This is a very well made sheath. I was surprised at the quality and thickness of the leather intended for such a small knife. The belt loop was a pleasant surprise. As it happens I have a knife that is more valuable than many that are this size, and this product is exactly what I've needed.
  • Show quality sheath for a show quality knife

    Richard, 4/3/2018 Perfectly holds a high-end pocket knife I purchased in Vienna, Austria, several years ago. Exactly what I've been looking for the last 6 years. Very well made!
  • Smaller Knife Wallet

    richard sperandio, 12/24/2017 A nifty little item! Made in France. Holds finger size knife. nice leather. Get one with other items to save on s/h.
  • Large locking blade knife sheath

    Robert Alexander, 9/23/2017 This lock blade knife sheath is very nice, but the only thing with it is it's about an inch shorter than I thought it was going to be! It doesn't really fit my folding Buck knife. Other than that the quality is very good, I would have rather it had a snapping flap / cover instead of the loop you slide the cover into.
  • This is a knife sheath you'll want to show off!

    Art, 6/19/2017 A very well made full size Leather Pocket Knife Sheath that has a top flap on it so you can secure your knife in it. It was the perfect size for the knife that I needed it for and it's gorgeous too!
  • Leather Pocket Knife Sheath

    John Laudie, 5/9/2017 This quality sheath fit my needs perfectly. Very well made and I am glad I made this purchase. Thank you.
  • Great!

    Jim Halloran, 3/31/2017 Well-made, quality leather. The perfect size for the tool I had.
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