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05T04.01 1" Spring Clamp

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05T04.02 2" Spring Clamp

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05T04.03 3" Spring Clamp

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05T04.04 4" Spring Clamp

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Even in a workshop fully stocked with the finest clamping equipment available, there are times when the humble spring clamp is the only tool for the job. Stout cousin of the clothespin, they may not give you the clamping power you need for a full-scale furniture glue-up, but when speed and adjustability are a concern, they’re indispensable. (And for small projects, they might be the only clamps you need.) The perfect “extra set of hands”, they’re ideal for quickly securing pieces during marking and measuring, positioning stop blocks for machine work, securing tarps, and more. These go where other clamps simply can’t. Made in America, they feature padded tips and handles, making them smooth and comfortable to use indoors and out. The smallest clamp, at a spry and useful 1” width at the hinge, measures 4” long with a mouth that opens to 1 1/2”; its 2” mate is 6” long and opens to 2 1/2”. Our larger sizes, sold individually, can accommodate a wide range of tasks—the 3” model is 9” long with a maximum mouth opening of 3 3/4”, and our behemoth 4” spring clamp measures a full foot in length and opens to 5” at full stretch. With a selection of these clamps you’ll be covered for a huge array of projects and emergencies.

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