USA Made Stoneware Pitcher and Mix & Pour

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USA Made Stoneware Pitcher and Mix & Pour
stylish containers for kitchen and table
19A04.01 1 Quart Pitcher

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19A04.02 Mix-N-Pour

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Made in Ohio, USA, from local clay and glazed to perfection to make containers that are both gorgeous and utilitarian. The 2-quart Mix and Pour is perfect for Sunday morning pancake or waffle batter. And at 9¾" diameter, it's wide enough to dip in slices of bread for French Toast. Large enough even to mix a standard brownies recipe. The matching 1-quart Pitcher is a simple and striking accessory to add to your breakfast table, and can be used for milk, juice, lemonade or iced tea. Both pieces come in a creamy off-white glaze. These are simple yet classy stoneware vessels.

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