Useful, Well-Made Camp Flashlights

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Useful, Well-Made Camp Flashlights
pocket and backpack sized – batteries included
58A01.11 Camping Tent Light

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58A01.12 Camping Night Light

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The smaller of these two indispensable camp lights (4" long x 1" diameter) is an excellent LED night light powered by a flat, long-life lithium 3V battery - CR2032. (When you need to eventually replace the battery, it will be available at your local hardware store.) A waterproof cavity in the body can hold matches up to 2½" long.

The slightly larger Tent Light (4" long x 1½" diameter) uses a 200 Lumen LED with a magnifying lens - powered by 3 AAA batteries. Use it as a standard flashlight or, simply unscrew the top and pull out the 1¼" long lighted sleeve and hang it up. Both are very well made. Throw this pair into your gear crate for a well-lighted campsite, and keep a pair around the house for use during power outages.

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