Veritas Tool Rest and Grinding Jig

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Sale Veritas Tool Rest and Grinding Jig
Accurate & Safe Edge Grinding
44M02.01 Universal Grinding Jig

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44M03.01 Veritas Grinder Tool Rest

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The Veritas Tool Rest provides a solid stable 4" wide surface for safe, accurate and repeatable grinding of edge tools with any 6" or 8" bench grinder as well as most belt sanders. Constructed of precision machined anodized aluminum, the Tool Rest is fully adjustable for height and angle, and is machined for use with both slotted and rotating jigs. Spring loaded locking handles provide rock solid positioning and rotate out of the way during grinding. Rest can be mounted directly to your bench while folding easily out of the way when not in use. Included Angle Setting Gauge for quick, convenient setting of the four most commonly used bevel angles.

The Universal Grinding Jig is made of hardened anodized aluminum with brass clamping screws and nylon washers. Brass alignment pins allow accurate 90° & 30° skew grinds. The clamping bar tilts to securely hold tapered chisels, while Mylar friction pads eliminate inadvertent misalignment. Precision machined to fit the Veritas Tool Rest shown here, our Grinding Jig will work with any power grinder that has a tool rest with one edge parallel to the wheel face to allow accurate, repeatable sharpening of plane blades and chisels.

Made in Canada.

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  • ` design

    Peter Coates, 12/12/2018 I love this thing. It's very flexible, easy to adjust and plenty rigid for hand grinding. I'm kicking myself for the decades I've spent using the little built-in grinding rests that come with bench grinders. I tossed the tool rest I took off the machine when I set this up. I don't want it around to go back to should this ever break. I bought it with the universal grinding jig which works very smoothly with it. The universal jig just runs in a channel in the tool rest, so one could easily make special purpose jigs on the same design. I often have to make and sharpen cutting tools for the lathe, so I'll be making several to cut the standard angles. I highly recommend this tool.
  • Only the rich can afford to buy junk

    Edward A Wargo, 5/5/2018 I have an old Craftsman grinding wheel that hums a steady tune and runs true. The tool rest and the grinding jig were easy to install on my bench. The tools adjust easily and accurately.
  • Good jig.

    Mark, 5/11/2017 Bought the grinding jig with the tool rest. The jig has an alignment pin, oddly there are three holes to move the pin to, but only two align with the threaded knob used to tighten. Holds the tool securely during grinding, an issue I had with my previous jig. Note that for short chisels, the alignment pin is too far away from the grinding stone to provide a registration on the side of the chisel, alignment needs to be done with a square.
  • A great tool

    William Francis Brown, 11/4/2016 I have both the Veritas Tool Rest and the Universal Grinding Jig. Whilst the initial investment is steep, I feel that these two are the best way to provide a consistent grinding angle on chisels and plane irons. I am a professional maker of 18th century reproductions ( and I have tried many methods over the years, including my own home made jigs. It's really worth the investment to skip all that and just get these jigs. They are well made, and the two jigs work perfectly together. Over the long run they will save a lot of frustration, whilst ensuring perfectly hollow ground edges. There are many variables to consider whilst grinding. These jigs allow the fine tuning required to get it right.Remember to use light pressure and don't allow the edge to get too hot to touch.
  • Measurement of angle

    Chris, 5/2/2016 Tool rest is ok.
    gauge for measuring the angle is the most confusing item with all of the lines and marks it along with the instructions are very confusing.
    I will continue to try using the gauge as I sharpen plane blades.

  • Grinding Jig

    L.P. Smith-Black, 2/13/2014 I have not put this device to the full test since the bench I'm to mount my grinders and sanders on is still under construction (it's cold down there in the basement boys and girls), it was rather impossible for me to refrain from playing with it a bit when it first arrived. I have both it and the little holding fixture which should be handy for the longer edges. I haven't yet decided exactly how to go about mounting since it will need to be moved between at least three different machines as need arises, some sort of portable jig would be nice, but likely to be obtrusive (it's not very large). Something will ferment on me as it usually does so I'm not concerned about it now. So many other things waiting on warmer weather! The long and short is however that this thing is very handy. Don't expect much accuracy until you've had some serious practice, and do get yourself a good angle gauge even if it's just a cheap little brass one with the different notches cut in it. A hone works wonders beyond words after you get your edge, and sharp tools are safer, much more effective, and infinitely more satisfying.
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