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29B01.04 Slack Duster

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29B01.03 Slack Floor Mop - Telescoping Handle

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What household cleaning folks often default to today is a disposable mop - with their chemically-laced pads that go in the trash. But here is an ecologically beneficial alternative - made here in the USA. A small firm in Vermont has made these for decades - and they work beautifully for dusting all matter of household item and furniture and in dry-mopping floors. The "secret sauce" in the 11" long wool multicolored strands is Lanolin which is type of "wax" that is generated naturally in coats of domestic sheep. The Lanolin naturally efficiently attracts all manner of dust, dirt and other unwanted particles that you want gone from your home. Simply shake vigorously (outside) to discharge what you picked up. (Eventually, you may want to hand wash the Duster or Mop like a good wool sweater - in cold water with light detergent and air drying.) Reuse endlessly.

The handle on the duster is extendable to 28" and the mop handle to 49".

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Overall Rating
  • Perfect for our Vintage Trailer!

    Lori Gordon, 2/1/2020 I purchased this great wool dry mop to take care of the linoleum floor in our vintage Airstream travel trailer. What a joy! I'm so glad I found it. As storage space is at a premium, I can only bring things in the door that are needed and work well. This mop does the trick! The telescoping handle makes it fit in my tiny closet and it swirls around little spaces and under the bed to get all the mess we track in from our campsites. A quick shake and the dirt is back outside! Plus, it looks like it belongs in 1963 just like the trailer as it's not made of plastic, but materials that will last and provide service for years! Now I need to buy the duster for home! I'm so glad I found this product and encourage other RVers to give it a try. It's a winner.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner February 2020 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Lori!!
  • Slack Dust Mop

    Tess W, 12/15/2019 I bought the dust mop. It works very well on floors. It is truly a magnet for dust and both human and pet hair. I used it on balusters (though it's awkward with the dust mop, which is not designed for complicated shapes). It works so well I will eventually buy the duster.
  • Dust Bunny Slayer

    TJS, 11/4/2019 I love this! It's great on floors, and even better on and between bannister balusters. It takes a ten minute job and reduces it to about 90 seconds. I bought the mop and plan to buy the duster as well.
  • Mop

    Charlie L Hamlet Jr, 3/15/2019 Best Buy ever,don’t know why I didn’t have one.
  • Timeless

    Erin , 3/14/2019 Virtually identical to the one my grandmother used! Cleaning baseboards is a necessary evil I'd rather not endure but this slack mop makes it so easy to maintain them in addition to clearing the daily accumulation of dog fur while keeping my hardwood floors looking beautifully "waxed". I can't sing the praises highly enough of this well-made tool that also brings back nostalgic, sweet memories which (almost) makes cleaning a pleasure.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner March 2019 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Erin!!
  • Amazing

    Mimi, 1/31/2019 I dislike dusting. I'm too short, things are too high, and every "tool" I've used before this just moves the dust particles from one place to another. Not this one. It's awesome and makes me hate dusting less.
  • Dry mop

    Linda, 12/15/2018 Floor duster is just the best. Remember a similar one my mother had for 50+ years and I like the long slender design of this better. Gets under furniture with ease and dust really clings well. I use this daily with 2 cats and it ends up savings vacuuming time. Highly recommend.
  • “Slack” Dry Mop

    hophound, 12/8/2018 My Mother always used one of these on hard wood floors. My neighbor uses these wool mops in her home and beach cottage. I feel some things just work well and stand the test of time-this is one of those items. The wool strands with lanolin literally grab and hold dust and pet fur. My entire house is hardwood and tile; this mop does a great job and I do not have to lug out the stick vac every time I do the floors. I have three dogs and three cats; daily dusting is a must so that you are not overtaken by dust bunnies. This mop is a game changer, saves me time and aggravation. I highly recommend this dry mop to anyone who wants a quick and easy way to clean wood floors between vacuuming. Thank you Garrett Wade!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner December 2018 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, David!!
  • Simple is Best!

    Robert Eaklor, 11/8/2018 Simple is often the best. My Grandmother had these mops and dusters. I like to think I was paying attention to her. I love these dusters. Always have.
  • "Slack" dry Mop and Dusters

    Donna Walker, 11/4/2018 This duster does a great job! I can reach the tops of my cabinets and my ceiling
    fans. Although the price is pretty steep for a 'dust rag' I feel that it will be worth the cost.
  • Great mop and pretty too!

    Jen, 9/10/2018 I love this mop. Very pleased! Covers more territory than the others and really collects dust and cat fur.
  • ?????

    Claudia Haehl, 5/9/2018 My husband is always looking for items to make housekeeping easier for me. I was doubtful at first. I thought the duster might snag on delicate items. I worked very well.
  • "Slack" Dry Mop

    Elizabeth Rodgers, 3/4/2017 I installed a laminate floor in my den last year. This mop works better than anything else I have used.
  • Fastest duster ever!

    Patty, 12/21/2016 I can sweep my whole kitchen in less than a minute with this dry mop, shake it out and put it away. Clearly it is WAY better than the other product I was using that needed disposing with each use.
  • Just better than the others!

    Ruth Degenhardt, 11/21/2016 This is the best dust mop and duster I've ever had. Sturdy , well-designed and quality products. It is a much better solution than the replaceable mop and "duster" clothes found in supermarkets or the old cotton mop I had. The woolen yarn simply collects dust more efficiently. Just BETTER!

    Astrid, 9/18/2016 Great dust mop and works great on my hardwood floors. This mop is perfect when I don't want to drag out the vacuum and just want to quickly go over the floors to pick up the dust bunnies. All it takes is a firm shake outside and the dust releases from the mop. This mop has definitely made my life easier.
  • Wonderful product - useful, easy to use, saves the earth's resources.

    Jackie, 6/20/2016 I love the ease of working with the Vermont Dry Mop. I usually use a terry mop on it but that means getting the floor wet. With the mop I get the dust without having to mop the floor. Even my husband who does not like buying "things" thinks it's a good idea. Now I just have to get him to use it.
  • Works Great!

    Scott Berridge, 6/15/2016 Bought this for the wife. She says it works great and she really likes it.
  • Love. This. Dust mop.

    Janet Thornton, 5/10/2016 Love this floor mop. We live on a farm and dirt and gravel are tracked in every day. Got so tired on dragging out the vacuum to keep the hardwood looking nice. This mop is so easy to use; It reaches under table legs and side tables. Very happy with this product.
  • Money saving mops!

    Jennifer, 5/9/2016 I was so tired of spending money on the throw away floor duster cloths that as soon as I saw these dusters, I had to have them. The floor one is my favorite and my kids favorite too. They just grab the mop, and dust our living room floor, without being asked! So nice to dust the T.V., and cabinets without throwing cloths away, this mop and duster will save so much money in the long run!
  • Tidy wood floors

    Sandi, 5/3/2016 Dust bunnies don't stand a chance! This is large enough to clean a larger area but small enough to get in tight corners.
  • GSA

    Gretchen Adams, 3/4/2016 Just got new hickory laminatet floors and they show every spec of dust. This dust mop is awesome and saves me lots of time. Love made in America!

    Erin , 3/4/2016 Great product! I have a golden retriever and this thing is fantastic at snagging up her hair - - so much better and easier than sweeping! I recommend to any pet owner with tile/wood flooring.
  • Vermont Dry Duster

    Alan Roe, 3/4/2016 Exactly as described. Very well made and very useful for ceiling fan blades, tops of doors and other out-of-the-way places. Exceptional value for the price.
  • Just What I Needed

    KDB, 8/24/2015 The dust mop has made cleaning under furniture so much easier.
  • Duster

    Tom, 8/4/2014 Quality American made and does what it is supposed to do. Should last for years.
  • Great Duster

    PW, 5/31/2014 Ordered duster for wooden blinds. Works terrific on the blinds and furniture! Now, I am going to order the mop.
  • "Slack" Floor Mop

    Robert Martinez, 4/2/2014 This floor mop makes clean up's fast and easy,no need to bring out the vacuum.
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