Versatile 9" Brace Drill

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Sale Versatile 9" Brace Drill
A great tool for turning stubborn fittings
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47B01.01 Versatile Socket Brace

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66S04.10 Heavy Duty Socket Drives (6)

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Regular Price: $24.50

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47B01.02 Optional 3 Jaw Chuck

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Regular Price: $12.80

Special Price $9.80

16S01.01 102 Hex Bit Set

Available 03/07/2018


Our version is a nice twist on the classic. Pulling the standard 4-jaw chuck off (as shown) exposes a 1/2" drive on which you can mount all standard 1/2" mechanic's socket drives. It also has the added feature of being able to add 6 drivers - 3 slotted 5/16 to 1/2" and 3 phillips #2, #3 & #4 (sold separately) .

For complete versatility you can use standard hex bits (we sell an affordable 102 piece set - see the price lines). A 3-Jaw auxiliary chuck is also available, to grip round shank bits best.

Buy the brace and all 6 drives as a set and save. Made in Taiwan

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Overall Rating
  • Nice Tool at nice price

    Bruce, 1/29/2018 Very nice tool at a nice price that fits an opening in the toolbox not filled by any other tool. One thing it is particularly good for removing slotted screws. You can put your weight into the slot and turn it with little danger of turning out the slotted head. Would be nice if the higher (highest(?)) quality antique Stanley braces with the enclose rachet mechanisms were available as well as Stanley's corner brace. I doubt many people will use this as a wrench speeder as the top handle is made for pressure which is not required for mechanical work.
  • Not your usual Garret Wade hand tool

    Ian Hurley, 4/14/2017 A workmanlike bit brace. Not gold-plated; no exotic wood handle. A plastic-and plated-steel tool that works well. And at a very reasonable price.
  • Mr

    Michael Garrett, 9/26/2016 The product is high quality as are most G-W products!I received the order twice.I will be sending the second one back.
  • Great tool

    Shaun Griffith, 5/12/2016 The three jaw chuck is great. It holds bits tighter than the four jaw chuck that the brace comes with. The brace really should come with the three jaw chuck and have the four jaw chuck optional.
  • Is there a way to buy just the 4 jaw chuck.?

    DANNY74 , 11/26/2015 This is a really good tool for more than just wood working. I ended up using the brace more often for automotive applications, rebuilding engines and such. I really want to just buy the 4 jaw Chuck for this tool. I lost mine. Is there a way to buy just the chuck.?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Versatile 9" Brace. We're happy to hear that it's serving you well! Please call our technical department at 1-800-221-2942 regarding the chuck. Thanks again.
  • Don't Waste Your Money

    Dale B, 3/3/2015 I purchased this brace early in February along with the 3 jaw chuck so I could use my drill bits. The brace took 3 weeks to get here. The snap on chuck is sloppy and won't stay straight. (its a piece of junk) the three jaw chuck is on back order until April. Must be shipping from Mars or Venus. This is a waste of money and Garrett Wade can't even get the chucks so it can be used. I am very frustrated and am done doing business with Garrett Wade.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're very sorry to hear that you are still waiting on this item. The dates we receive from the manufacturer are tentative dates. We are not sure if the representative  mentioned this, but we do apologize for the delay. Please call 1-800-221-2942, and ask to speak with our technician. He will be able to tell you if the one you received is defective, and will send a replacement that he has checked thoroughly. Or you may send it back for a refund, using the label that was included. If you need a label, please let us know and we will get one out to you. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Removable Chucks

    Danny Comsa, 1/28/2015 Both chucks should be sold individually as they will fit on any 1/2 inch chuck. Could even be sold as a set. Would like to buy the 4 jaw and put it on my 1/2 inch drive speed wrench and adapter to 3/8 drive power tool.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your suggestion on the Versatile Socket Brace. We have passed your comments on to our purchasing agent for review.
  • Comprehensive

    M, 1/20/2015 Good quality and includes every type of bit I would ever need. I used it the day that it arrived.
  • Compact, Complete, Clearly Marked, 12/10/2014 This is the set I keep at home. Explaining why is a chapter in itself. In short, if the words torx, posi-drive, tri-wing, and snake-eye sound familiar, then you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know (and don't want to know), if you just need a bit to fit the tricycle you're trying to help Santa assemble on Christmas eve, then you can find it by looking at the pictures in this box, and if by any chance you take out 4 or 5 at a time, you can always return them to the right slots. If someone (not you of course) accidentally turns the box upside down, the bits do not fall out. ASIN:
  • 4 Jaw or 3 Jaw

    James, 7/25/2014 I read the review that Patrick Smith of Texas wrote and I can't help but thinking that he was trying to use a round shaft bit in the 4-jaw chuck which is intended for only the 4-sided chisel head type of wood bits. The 4-jaw chuck wouldn't have gripped a round shaft bit well at all. Maybe rather than replacing the brace, you needed to sell him the optional 3-jaw chuck instead. Then again, I guess it could have been broken, maybe. I just have severe doubts that it was broken. The only complaint I would have with this setup is that the chuck assembly would pull off to easily if the bit binds when retracting a long wood bit from a deep hole.
  • Modification Suggestion

    James, 7/25/2014 In regard to my earlier comment where I said the chuck pulled off to easily when extracting a long bit from a deep hole. I would like to make the following modification suggestion for the tool. Rather than using the standard friction" retention method of most socket wrench sets, modify it to use the center shaft release button. Its an idea you can find on some inexpensive key chains or some expensive socket sets. The idea is that the common spring loaded round bearings providing the "friction" that keeps the chuck in place is replaced with a spring loaded shaft that has a protruding "button." Where that button must be pushed to allow the "retaining" bearings to retract allowing the chuck to be removed. Without pressing that "button" I could pull as much as I wanted to remove a bit from a hole and the chuck would not come off.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Versatile Socket Brace. Your input is important to us. Our product development team has read your note, and will consider it. Thanks again."
  • Hex Driver Bit Set

    Margaret G Phillips, 6/20/2014 Great to have all the needed sizes and shapes in one bundle. The box keeps it all together, so no hunting through a tool chest for the right bit.
  • No Hex On This

    Joel, 3/17/2014 Great set. Handy, convenient and well priced.
  • 3-Jaw Chuck

    Ron Bradford, 10/16/2013 When I saw this item, I had to have it and I am very pleased with the chuck that has the capacity to be used on a 1/2 adapter. Shipping was prompt, price was excellent, quality was 5 of 5! Thanks for your attention to customers!"
  • Great

    Scott, 3/14/2013 This is awesome. This drill works. I work a lot where no electricity is present, so a battery operated drill is no good. This drill works. I would recommend getting the three jaw chuck, since the four jaw chuck has a hard time sitting flat and grabbing some bits. I would recommend this to anyone
  • High Quality Tool

    Blake, 1/1/2013 This tool is perfect for use with soft and hard wood hand tool projects. The steel neck and hand-grip are sure to last a lifetime. The jaw on the chuck is exceptionally tight as well. I am looking forward to spending years with this tool and handing it on to my family after me.
  • Versatile 9

    Patrick Smith, 4/29/2012 The overall quality of this product was good but the fit between the the socket and drill head was so loose that it was impossible to drill a reasonable hole. The purpose of this tool is to drill holes so the sloppiness makes it useless.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, we've encountered that defect before, though rarely. We've mailed you a postage free label to return the Brace and we'll send a replacement. Please forgive any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • Bargain Bin Quality

    Michael, 7/14/2011 I was very disappointed with this tool. I had been excited to find a company like Garrett Wade, where I thought I could count on quality. Now, after my first purchase, I'm not so sure. This bit brace looks exactly like tools one finds in the bargain bin at discount import tool places or flea markets. The chuck is a thin stamped tube, the handles are poorly molded cheap plastic. The ratchet head is riveted together with plain steel rivets which chipped the chrome plating during assembly. There are burrs on the rivets. The mushroom head is not square with the axis so the tool wobbles in use. They did a really good job of photographing this tool to make it look much better than it is.
  • Really Works!

    Lisa Kearns, 4/15/2011 We recently had a brick mailbox built, and I wanted to mount a plaque with the house number on it. We didn't have a cordless drill, so I took a chance and ordered this brace. I used a mortar drill bit and it took me 10 minutes to drill 4 holes and install the anchors. I'm a fan of manual tools and appliances anyway, but this tool is wonderful. Well made, sturdy, ingenious! So glad I bought it!
  • No end to uses!

    Leon Garcia, 4/15/2010 The first set I bought did not have the light duty ratchet and I used it all the time for everything around the house. I ended up giving that set as a gift. I then bought the set with the Hex ratchet. There is no end to the uses I find myself going to this set for more than I did before. It's versatility is endless.
  • Good buy!!

    Walter M Payne, 11/10/2009 Great set. I use all the time for work. It's very handy and versatile. It would be nice if the case had space for the ratchet handle.
  • Very Good and Versatile Brace

    MRG, 9/14/2009 I used Stanley brace for years before battery powered tools became reliable. This brace is nearly as strong (lighter frame and plastic used in place of wood) but the 1/2 drive makes it a truly great tool. The ratchet mechanism allows for drilling in impossibly tight spaces. Get both 3 and 4 jaw chucks and you will have a drill that will handle all of the torque you can generate and keeps on going when the batteries give out or the cords won't reach."
  • Handy Dandy

    Ray Louie, 4/15/2009 Great hex driver bit set. Use it all the time around the house. Has all the bits you need and various adapter included. A real handy tool to have in your tool box. Love it!
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