Complete Screwdriver & 102 Hex Bit Set

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Sale Complete Screwdriver & 102 Hex Bit Set
A highly versatile screwdriver and bits set that can handle any roving chore
Never be without the right screwdriver or bit
06A01.20 T-Handle Screwdriver + 102 Hex-Bit Set

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Two great screwdriver/bits sets for all your roving chores. The T-handle screwdriver has three driving positions: a straight-driver, right-angle, and a T-handle. All three positions ratchet forwards and backwards. The 13 total bits (phillips; flat slot; torx; and allen key) fit in the handle.

The boxed hex-bit set features a ΒΌ" hex shank driver, 5 adaptors and 95 bits in various sizes and all common and some uncommon fastener types. These include: phillips (8); pozidriv (8); ball hex (4); slot (9); spanner head (4); security torx (9); torq-set (3); Allen (18); tri-wing (4); Clutch-G (3); security hex (6); Robertson (square) (4); 12-point (3); and torx (12).

You'll have the right bit you need no matter how common or uncommon the fastener.

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