T-Handle Screwdriver Special

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Sale T-Handle Screwdriver Special
adjusts to three different driving positions
06A01.77 T-Handle Screwdriver Special

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The design and functionality of this screwdriver are splendid. It has three distinct driving positions that will help save wear and tear on your wrists, when working on jobs with lots of fasteners. The default position works as a straight-driver. But pull the head out, turn it 90-degrees, snap it back into place, and this tool becomes a right-angle, ratcheting screwdriver. Slide the head further down toward the middle and it becomes a T-Handle ratcheting driver. Both ratcheting positions can go left or right for screwing-in or unscrewing. Bits are held securely in place by a built-in magnet.

It comes with multiple common sized bits, in four fastener types: Phillips (4); Flat Slot (3); Torx (3); and Allen key (3). Bits can be stored in the hollow body of the handle - accessible via a screw-off bottom. Additional bits all fit snugly in an organized docking hub. A translucent ABS plastic body, flanked by sure-grip rubber, makes up the handle. Among other things, this tool is great for ladder work, so that you don't have to worry about needing multiple screwdrivers on the way up and down. A very handy piece of gear and a great value.

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  • A very good product

    Olden DeCrepid, 12/5/2019 It seems to be a well made product. I like the design offering various handle positions. This does work well with light use but I question how well it will hold up with very tight or large bolts/screws.
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