Corking and Capping Unit

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New Corking and Capping Unit
39A04.14 Corking and Caping Machine

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39A04.15 Pack of 30 Corks

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39A04.16 Pack of 144 Bottle Caps

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Cork and cap your homemade beer, wine, cider and spirits with this Corking and Capping equipment. There are two capping gaskets so you bottle with two different size caps. Works for any common size bottle: just slide the Adjustable Platform to the proper slot along the height of the machine. Place your bottle on the Platform, pull the lever and the downward pressure caps or corks your bottle. Simple. Cork or caps are available. Made of lightweight, durable Plastic in an eye-catching red. 25” tall 14-½” wide. Can be bolted down for frequent use.

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