Garrett Wade Video Library
See below for a listing of our videos. It's full of tutorials, product demos, tips and tricks, and more. We're making more videos all the time so if have an idea for a video you'd like to see, let us know. Just email us at
Flexible Socket Driver Rivet Setter Kit Extendable Socket Driver Clockwork Ladybug
Kissing Romeo & Juliet Tinplate Circus Set Clockwork Railway Robot Kit
53x Digital Microscope Musical Marble Run Folding Pruning Saw BioLite Portable Solid Fuel Stove
Household Electrician's Tool Kit Seed Pot Maker Folding Scissors Pro Moving Frame Hacksaw
Grandpas Weeder video Clockwork Farm Set Reversible Ratchet Fingertip Drivers Clockwork Porsche Tractor Set
Folding Candle Lantern Trebuchet Model Kit Fireman’s Style Watering Nozzle Tipp-Kick Soccer Game
No-Staple Stapler Bavarian "Crossbow" Document Fastener Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Trim Saw
Chainsaw Sharpeners Campfire Starter Knife Hose-End Spray Nozzle Selection Survival Stove
Folding Pocket Wrench Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill "Hurricane" Oil Lamps Special Wire Twisting Pliers
Combination LED Lantern Flashlight Triton M3X 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight Extra-Capacity X.H.D. Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner Spiral Hand Weeder
Stormproof Survival Matches Premium Pruning Loppers Chainsaw Toolkit-In-One Parallel Moving-Jaw Wrenches
Versatile XHD Chisel Knife Wetterlings Splitting Axes Ground Clearing Tools British Army/Navy Knives
Fireplace Log Carry Tool Wetterlings Belt Axe Manual Chainsaw Sharpener Trimming Planes
Gentleman's Hidden Knife  Spectacular Kaleidoscopes Copper Pipe Soldering Tool GyroJaw Vise Accessory