Vintage 1960's & 70's Toy Russian Gas Station

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Clearance Vintage 1960's & 70's Toy Russian Gas Station
Complete with its original box. Cold War Fun!
45B01.15 Vintage 1960's & 70's Toy Russian Gas Station

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This is an original Russian tin toy gas station from the 1960’s/70’s in beautiful condition. Made of light-duty metal (probably aluminum), these are in new condition with all the original packaging.
As non-Russian speakers, we don’t know what the signs say. (Maybe you do, and can tell us.)

These are the real-deal cold war toys--totally unique, exotic, and bizarre. We found a very limited quantity of them in an East Berlin Warehouse. Very limited quantities. We feel confident that no one else in your entire state has ever seen anything like this either. Have fun with it; we certainly have.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. Collectible not intended as a toy.

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  • The correct translation

    Kevin Kelly, 2/10/2019 Техобслуживание = service or maintenance
    Станция техобслуживания = service station
    Мастер (not масмер, the lower case t in Russian is sometimes written ‘m’) = master mechanic or simply “mechanic,” NOT oil change.
    Въезд/Выезд (at entrances to service bay) = entrance/exit or simply in/out
    P.S. I’ve been a Russian>English translator for 45 years
  • Nostalia for my Russian droog (friend)

    gary rosenberg, 11/29/2018 My friend, a New York attorney born in the early 1960's and raised in Russia, loved it. He was thrilled that it was a genuine Soviet-era product. He said to me, "I didn't even have one of these when I was growing up." (I bet he wished that he had had one.)
  • The Russian terms

    Steve Walton, 12/26/2017 I got curious and looked up the translations: "масмер" mean "oiler", so that's "oil change". And "техобслуживание" means "maintenance" and the "станциг техобслужпвапиг" on the box is "service station." So nothing terribly exciting.
  • Vintage 1960's and 70's Toy Russian Gas Station

    Mary E Hoettels, 9/10/2017 I bought this toy for my daughter's husband whose birthplace is Russia. It is so hard to find something special for him. I have not had a chance to talk with him yet, but my daughter said he was very surprised and delighted with it and could not believe I could find such a wonderful toy for him. He works very hard so I sent it as soon as I ordered it; sometimes the best presents are the unexpected ones. Thank you for helping me find such a unique gift for such a nice "son".
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner September 2017 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Mary!!
  • vintage gas station

    Scott Mason, 5/14/2017 Love the Russian gas station from the 60's. All the toys from Garrett Wade that we have received have been awesome.
  • Service Station

    Alan, 4/21/2017 It is a neat little toy. My wife's family is Russian speaking and they liked it. At first the wife didn't realize it was Russian and then was shocked.
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