Vintage Automobile Horn

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Vintage Automobile Horn
Ideal for getting horse & carriages out of the way
And many other nonsensical things
86A03.05 Vintage Automobile Horn

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Does this have any practical value? Absolutely not. But does it add some spice to the day? Absolutely yes! Made of Solid Brass and rubber. Simply squeeze to produce a very loud and surprisingly deep-throated honk. It gets attention, we can promise you. Originally produced for cars 110 years ago to navigate the bustle and noise of busy byways clogged with carriages, carts and mules. It is a beautiful piece of hand craftsmanship. We just couldn’t resist it. It makes us smile. Honk!


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  • vintage car horn

    bev wolter, 12/7/2018 We love this horn.. mounted it on a rhoades car. looks way cool. and all who come into the garage have to give it a honk. great sound , great looking and we're very with our purchase .. fast service too .. Yay Garrett Wade.. thanks for having such great stuff
  • vintage car horn

    bev wolter, 12/4/2018 we love this car horn ,we have a rhoades car/bicycle and mounted it to the handle bars. it looks very classy and the sound is great ..very happy with this purchase.great product and fast service.. YAY Garrett Wade
  • groovy set of horns

    Patrick, 10/22/2018 Nice set of old time bike horns. Each has a very different sound. My kids are fighting over which one they get.
  • groovy bike horn

    Patrick, 10/22/2018 Good loud sound. Looks great on my bike. Workmanship is not bad.
  • Toot, Toot, Tootsie yeow!!!

    Walter H, 5/9/2018 This is better than a tugboat whistle for getting attention!
  • Got'cha

    Walter H, 5/8/2018 A swat with one saves 9 (with cheap) swatters!
  • Good and loud horn

    Gordon, 5/5/2018 Harpo Marx would approve of this horn, I'm sure. Well made and plenty loud. I wanted it as a sound effects device for events like silent movie night.
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