Limited Quantities - Vintage Brass "coursolle Sujet" Knives

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New Limited Quantities - Vintage Brass "coursolle Sujet" Knives
02B16.11 Single Blade “Sujet” Knife

In stock


02B16.12 2 Blade “Sujet” Knife - w/corkscrew

In stock


02B16.13 Single Blade “Sujet” Knife - w/corkscrew & awl

Available 10/01/2019


02B16.14 Large 2 Blade “Sujet” Knife - w/corkscrew

In stock


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These Brass “Sujet” knives with raised low-relief figures on the scales, have been around since the early 1900s. Traditionally known as Sujet (French for “subject”) knives, the motifs on the scales often depict sporting scenes. We’ve discovered a batch of these in Thiers, France, (estimated at 70-80 years old) with the motif of a male gymnast performing on one side and, a female athlete playing a ball game on the reverse. These are very thin, making them easy to pocket as an everyday carry. The stainless steel blades are very sharp. All quantities are limited.

There are four different styles:
(.11) A single spear-point bladed knife
(.12) 2 blades w/corkscrew
(.13) Single blade w/corkscrew & awl
(.14) A (larger) 2 blade knife w/corkscrew

Blade lengths:
Single bladed is 2-3/4”
2-bladed is 2-3/4” & 1-3/4”
Larger 2-bladed is 3” & 2”

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  • delightful, elegant little knife

    G.C., 9/4/2019 Purchased as a present; it was received with great pleasure by my nephew. Sleek, shiny, pleasant to hold. Reminiscent of Art Deco.
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