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Vintage Fish Scaling Knife & Bone Tongs
$ 28.5
Known as an "Ecailleur Poisson" in French, this Fish Scaler is a one-of a kind vintage Knife made decades ago in France. Paired with Bone Tongs (which are not vintage), these two purpose-built implements will easily gut and debone a fish, whether straight from the dock, or from your local grocer. The serrated scaler has a hearty, deep-bellied steel blade that is reminiscent of a hunting-style blade. Blade is 4½"; Scaler is 9" overall length. The Rosewood handle is affixed by three Brass pins.

The 4½" stainless steel Bone Tongs are robust, and have sharply beveled edges that let you really grip even very thin bones. Because the knife is truly vintage, we have limited quantities, and when our stock is gone, that's it. Hand-wash and dry only, no dishwasher.
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