Three French-Made Vintage Paring Knives

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New Three French-Made Vintage Paring Knives
02B20.03 Three French-Made Vintage Paring Knives

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Paring knives are a workhorse of the kitchen, used for a variety of slicing and peeling tasks. Conduct that works in style with this set of three handsome Paring Knives, featuring Rosewood scales and stainless steel blades.

The shortest blade, the so-called Birds Beak, is named for the blade’s down-ward curve and is great for peeling potatoes and tomatoes. Features brass pins, a 3" blade, and a 3½" handle.

The Brass Bolster on the second knife is an unusual and classy feature and has a fourth brass pin to affix the scales. It has a classic, 4” straight blade and a smooth, rounded 3" handle.

The Classic Peeler has a slightly shorter blade, three stainless steel pins, and a 3½" stainless blade. A striking, square stainless steel bolster provides a flat surface for the thumb while cutting. All three knives are truly vintage made in Thiers, France, renowned as one of the greatest cutlery centers in the world decades ago. Limited quantities. Hand-wash and dry only, no dishwasher.

Sold only as a set of three.

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