Vintage Inspired Tin Raceway Set

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New Vintage Inspired Tin Raceway Set
45B01.84 Vintage Inspired Tin Raceway Set

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This Vintage Raceway Set is reissued by the Paya Toy Company using the same dies that were used nearly a century ago. It features two tin racecars and a winding key—after just a few twists, these roadsters will have enough energy in their inner springs to propel them around the track and bring them to rest safely inside a covered garage. The metal racetrack consists of eight interlocking piec-es that assemble quickly and easily; a bonus piece is included just in case you need to make some road repairs. At 24” x 10” fully assembled, the track has a small enough footprint to adorn a coffee table or desk, or perhaps even circumnavigate the base of a petite Christmas tree. With its nostalgic design and simple operation, this set will be well-loved and a delight to enjoy for years (and generations) to come. Made by the Paya toy company, which was founded by a Spanish tinsmith in 1902. All these years later, the company is now creating lim-ited-edition reproductions of their most popular items using the original dies and molds. Collectible not intended as a toy.

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