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Vintage Marin-Style Butcher and Bread Knife
$ 19.95 32.50
A recent visit to a famous French knife maker in Thiers turned up a trove of 60-70 years old carbon steel Butcher Knives. These are fitted with Rosewood handles and solid Brass pins - stamped with the famous Sabatier-Jeune trademark. This style of knife is characterized by wider, stiff, rigid blades fixed to relatively large handles, and are also poplar with hunters. They are undeniably handsome, with an additional plus: carbon steel blades. Often displaced nowadays by stainless steel, carbon blades will discolor and stain with normal usage. But carbon blades are easy to sharpen for the home cook, and outside of eBay, they are really hard to find. Quantities are limited, so get them while they are available. Do not machine wash. Hand wash only and wipe dry immediately.

We also found this 13-1/4" long knife has a sharp and serrated 8-1/2" stainless blade, that easily slices through dense bagels, crispy baguettes, flaky croissants, or your own fresh-baked loaf. Works well, too, as an all-around utility knife, with the serrations making easy work of starter cuts on tomatoes, cantaloupe, and peaches. Light and flexible, this knife features a three-quarter tang with a handsome two-tone system of brass washers and steel rivets to affix the rosewood handles. This lovely-looking traditional French Bread Knife will surely be a conversation starter when you host your next brunch. Buy now, because when these are gone, they are gone forever. Do not machine wash. Hand wash only and wipe dry immediately.
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