Vintage Marin-Style Sabatier-Jeune Butcher Knife

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Clearance Vintage Marin-Style Sabatier-Jeune Butcher Knife
Brand New – Found Stored in Maker’s Warehouse Archives
Made 60-70 years ago - Never used
02B13.57 Vintage Marin-Style Sabatier-Jeune Butcher Knife

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A chance visit to a famous French knife maker in Thiers turned up a trove of 60-70 years old high-carbon steel Butcher Knives, all fitted with Rosewood handles and solid Brass pins – stamped with the famous Sabatier-Jeune mark. This style of knife is characterized by wider, stiff, rigid blades fixed to relatively large handles, and are also poplar with hunters. They are undeniably handsome, but the additional “secret plus" of these is that they are high carbon steel.

Today, high carbon steel blades have been displaced in the non-professional world by stainless steel because high-carbon blades will discolor and stain with normal use – i.e. not remain shiny. But high carbon blades can be made much sharper than stainless steel and will retain that very sharp edge much longer – and outside of eBay, they are really hard to find these days. (Frankly, we can understand the appeal of stainless steel in a dinner table knife, but not in a working kitchen tool.)

Quantities are limited, so get them while they are available.

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Overall Rating
  • Awesome

    E, 7/9/2019 I found this to be a perfect specimen. Thin,stiff,sharp blade, excellent for prep and caring of cooked poultry and meat. Carbon steel and gorgeous.
  • Took a chance and....

    Ellen, 5/26/2019 Just what I needed and wanted.
  • Nice slicer for all meat related cutting tadjd

    Doug, 5/12/2019 Nice knife. Mine came essentially like new. No blemishes or flaws. I had hone the edge bit, but otherwise it was exactly as I expected.
  • Awesome, hard-to-find butcher blade...and hooray for Carbon Steel!!

    Jordan S., 8/20/2018 I'm happy Garrett Wade found these knives, and I've enjoyed using mine. Most people don't realize how nice it is to have a bull-nose butcher knife like this. When preparing a roast, or cutting and slicing fat or grizzle out of meat, the swoop at the end of the knife (bull-nose) is very handy.
    This is also a high carbon non-alloy steel, which takes a wonderfully sharp edge. Given that this is a butcher knife, the steel is a bit on the soft side, and for good reason. A butcher knife will contact bones, tendons, and joints and if the steel is too hard, those things will literally chip the edge. Butcher knives are made of softer steel so that when you do dig into bone, or are slipping through a joint, the edge is simply deformed or bent slightly to the side. This is easily remedied by going to a steel and realigning the edge. The reason why I gave this four stars is because the knife I got had a deformed blade; in the middle it is bubbled slightly to one side. It looks as if it was dropped when it was being made, or more likely whoever ground the blade got a little excited. Not a big deal, but it took me almost an hour on a Japanese whetstone to get a correct bevel, so that I could get a consistent edge all the way down the blade. No idea if this is indicative of the rest of the batch they have, but if you're not someone who sharpens their own knives, you might be on the lookout for it, as a bubbled blade will seriously affect the geometry of the blade, and if you can't fix it yourself you might be out of luck. Having said all that, I'm about to buy another one for my Pops :)
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