Vintage Mauviel French Very Large Hammered Copper Casserole Pot

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New Vintage Mauviel French Very Large Hammered Copper Casserole Pot
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The exceptional even-heat qualities of solid Copper cookware are the stuff of legend. So much so, that you'll find that you can cook at lower burner settings with the same, and sometimes even faster, results. The best copper cookware has traditionally been lined with a layer of pure molten tin, because of tin’s non-stick properties. Professional chefs and discerning home cooks have relied on this tin-coated Copper Cookware for over 100 years. These beautiful, heavy pots were made years ago by France’s premier maker, Mauviel, and were found recently in a warehouse archive. We offer them here at a steep discount from current retail costs. Modern manufacturing techniques have substituted stainless steel for tin, but an inevitable consequence of this swap is less copper and more steel – and a decline in functional quality.

This selection is made of 2 sizes which are identical except for width and proportional depth. These pots are extra deep – restaurant style cookware. The size indicated is the width. Each has a long iron handle. Both sizes have hand-hammered, decorative outside surfaces.

Orders for 2 of more of any of our Mauviel copper cookware in the same order will receive a 10% discount on every piece. You can find more of our solid copper cookware on our website. Quantities available are limited. If unfortunately the size you initially select is already sold out, consider selecting another one. Once completely sold out, there will be no more of this style available.

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