Vintage Nogent-Style Chef's Knife

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Clearance Vintage Nogent-Style Chef's Knife
from a trove of historic knives from france
01B06.23 Forged Nogent Cooks Knife 23 cm

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This beautiful Nogent-style Chef's Knife is part of a trove of discovered, historical knives, from Thiers, France. The handle consists of a solid piece of ebony that surrounds a round tang running the length of the handle. With a steel ferrule at the bolster and stainless-steel 9" blade. For a large knife, this one is light and nimble, as you want a chef's knife to be.

Because they were hand-crafted decades ago, slight variations make each knife unique. They are truly vintage, so we have limited quantities. Hand-wash and dry only, no dishwasher.

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