Vintage Outdoor Cooking Knife Set

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Vintage Outdoor Cooking Knife Set
set of two includes a fish scaler and “hunting dagger”
02B20.32 Vintage Outdoor Cooking Knife Set

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Bring these two purpose-built knives along on your next campout, fishing expedition, or hunting trip. Known as an ecailleur poisson, this Fish Scaler is a one-of a kind vintage knife made decades ago in France. It will easily gut and scale a fish, whether straight from the dock or from a cold mountain stream. The serrated scaler has a hearty, deep-bellied 4-1/4" carbon-steel blade and measures 9" overall. The rosewood handle is affixed by three brass pins. The Vintage French Hunting Dagger features a deep belly for skinning and a clip-point, 5" stainless-steel blade. The 4-1/4" symmetrical handle is made of European hardwood with chrome rivets. Sold as a set only. Vintage quantities are limited.

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