Vintage Sheep Shears

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New Vintage Sheep Shears
02B13.61 Vintage Sheep Shears

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These 20-year-old tools have never been used, but have been spruced up with a new paint job. No, not for harvesting wool, but for quick and easy grass edge or bush trimming. This classically simple tool is famous for doing jobs around the yard. It's like being a barber outside. Overall length 13½". Blade length 6". Keep the cutters lightly oiled to prevent edge rust if the clippings are damp. A great value. They really work well.

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  • Old fashioned but very useful

    MJ McGinnis, 8/11/2018 These shears are great for cropping plants at an uniform level without the hand fatigue of hand pruning.Plus they sound great at work.II had a similar pair for years and lost them so I was delighted to find a new pair
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