Vintage Windup House Mouse Toy

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45B01.09 Antique Toy Mouse

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Adorable toy mouse (4" long front to back), made of metal and rubber with a sleek coat of velour. Made in the 1960’s in Japan and long since forgotten about until they were found in a Japanese wholesaler's warehouse in Amsterdam. These are more than a little whimsical. Wind one up and it scoots across the floor, rolls over in time, gets “back on its feet” and automatically starts to scoot again off in a new direction. Ingenious. Small children (even older “small children”) will find it delightful. Comes as a pack of two.

Please note: these are real working toys in pristine condition, except for the fragile rubber tail which, given its vintage, easily becomes “lost”.

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  • Windup Mouse

    KM, 12/2/2017 Floppsy went bonkers. We've been laughing our heads off for days. Get for your furball - you'll all love it !!
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