Walking Elephant

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Walking Elephant
Made in Germany
58T05.15 Walking Elephant

Available 10/30/2020


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This clever and unusual toy Elephant and platform are made from Pine; the platform and ball weights are made of Beech. No assembly or batteries required--just set the wooden platform up near a table edge with the ball-weighted string hanging down over the side and place the elephant at the far end. Give it a side-nudge, and the weight draws the big creature forward, rocking side to side as it goes.

This toy is a real eye-catcher--somehow the way it lumbers along reminds us of a real elephant. A really unusual and fun design-- your kids will want to play with it for hours.

Choking hazard: contains small parts. Collectible Not Intended as a Toy.

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    Marcia Tewell, 12/30/2019 My grandkids got this toy over the holidays and now I want one as well. He is charming from the start and extra charming as he reveals secrets of the laws of physics when he is finished with his walk. Made of beautiful natural wood with an equally great grey stain. I strongly recommend keeping this guy on your desk or at least close at hand to entertain passer-bys.
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