Watering Wand & Extra Shaft

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Bestseller Watering Wand & Extra Shaft
Solid metal handle
39A01.21 36" Watering Wand Complete

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39A01.23 Add-on 24" Wand

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This elegant, German-made watering wand is great for the home gardener, or anyone watering in tight or hard-to-navigate spots. Urban gardeners will find this wand’s precise water placement especially useful. The solid metal handle section attaches easily to a hose if it already has the necessary Quick Connector. A quarter turn knob operates an interior ball valve for positive water control.

The tiny holes in the head produce a generous and gentle shower. The maker describes it as similar to a ‘hot summer rain’ – a bit of poetic license, maybe, but not far from the truth. It really is a very gentle and pleasant shower of water, and your plants will enjoy it. The standard 36" Wand comes with the handle, a valve (as shown) and the watering head. A 24" length is available as an add-on for closer-in watering. Comes equipped with a quick connector on the handles. If you don't have the matching hose side quick-connector already, order part #62K13.04.

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