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Waterproof Borescope Inspection System
Visual inspection of submerged structures and surfaces is virtually impossible with regular video inspection systems. This one solves that problem (works in pipes with running water or in still water) with a waterproof grip and video monitor connected to a 40" (1 m) wide-angle waterproof fiber-optic probe 3/8" in diameter. The System (Probe, Grip and Monitor) is fully waterproof to a depth of 40", and leak resistant to 80" for up to one hour. It is flexible obedient (meaning it retains its shape when adjusted) and includes a set of three tip accessories (45° mirror, pickup hook and a magnetic pickup). The Probe-tip is LED illuminated, and the image can be rotated 180° to make it easier to read labels. Field of view is 54° and depth of field is 0.6" to 6". Color monitor display is a large 5 sq in. screen. Needs 4 AA batteries (not supplied). Comes with hard case, a full User's Manual and a 1 year manufacturer's Limited Warranty. Two and 3 meter Probes are available as accessories to provide longer reach.

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