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Western Log Saw
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20F01.01 Western Log Saw

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All lumber saws that we have ever seen use a variation of a logger's crosscut pattern tooth (for example, a "perforated lance pattern") and are typically very long - even one-person saws. The shortest one we have ever seen had a 38" blade - until now. A California firm that makes professional arborist tools has designed this 28" blade saw with 4tpi that cuts wet or dry round logs like a dream. It won't clog or bind up like others saws.

In fact, we cut with it every bit as fast on a very wet pine log as with a traditional logger's saw - a result that frankly surprised us. The relative performance degraded a bit - but not seriously - as the saw got further into the log but there can be no doubt that it performed exceedingly well. We recommend it for logs up to 12" in diameter.

Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
  • The sing saw

    Robert, 4/28/2019 This saw is better than expected I was not looking for anything to replace my small chainsaw. I just wanted to cut 3-6 inch limbs that my small now saw could not get to do to tight spaces. Power tools make fast work of all size projects but I like the quiet. The really impressive thing about this saw is the steel is high enough qaullity that is sings I went to the shop and got out my 2 man saws and it is the same sound.
    Before anyone thinks I am crazy they ring double barrel shotgun barrels to see if the sodder joint is good and this saw sings as it cuts. All tools have a sound that is how you can tell it's getting dull. My stepdad wants one so I will be getting it for him as a father's day gift this song saw is replacing my old chainsaw and 2 bow saws. Please after reading all the reviews buy this saw and if you can learn to sharpen and set the teeth and this saw will be a life long singing partner.
  • Western Log Saw used for ripping

    Jack Beukema, 12/21/2018 I was looking for a ripping log saw and was not able to find a good one. I discussed this saw with Garrett Wade and they let me know it was a crosscut saw. They thought it would be able however would not recommend for a lot of ripping. I used the saw to rip a 10" thick log and was very pleased. The log was 100+ year barn red oak support post and making a fireplace mantel. The saw cut well and true.
  • Probably Needs Reset

    Jeremy, 10/5/2018 I bought this with high hopes of getting some exercise reducing an old Beech that I had professionally dropped (was threatening the house with disaster). On both the wet and dry wood, this saw binds. I've used hand saws since I was young and know the technique, letting the weight of the saw determine the feed rate. Obviously with an investment like this one needs to maintain it and I've ordered my setting pliers and saw file. I'm working out a saw vise in the meantime. I'd really hoped this would work right out of the box, but so be it. Maybe two stars is unfair, but some vendors explicitly state that saw will need to be set and sharpened when it arrives.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Western Log Saw. We're sorry to hear that the saw is giving you trouble. Our technician has some helpful tips and will be in touch.

  • Capable of cutting large dead trees for firewood in Hardwood wilderness.

    Drunken Blacklocust Bushcraft, 1/29/2018 Great Bushcraft/Survival saw. Cuts dry Black Locust and Red Mulberry no problem. Meets Mors Kochanski's definition of a Survival saw.
  • Western Log Saw is real tool

    Donald Lain, 6/11/2017 At last I found a great single person crosscut saw. Cuts great. Having a scabbard made for it as I plan on carrying the saw on my 4- wheeler to clear obstructions on trails. Well worth the price, thank you!
  • The Saw of the Gods

    Justin, 5/22/2017 If you are uncomfortable with the thought of every single passerby literally stopping in their tracks to watch you buck through logs like the man you are, then please consider another wood-chewing option. This saw can cut through red tape and decimate lumber swiftly and violently, all the while looking cooler mounted above your fireplace than grandpa's old turkey blaster. With this saw, the only "work" you'll be doing is digging the woodchips from your gaping picket fence smile as you handle this masterful creation. With each push/pull you take you'll be pleasantly reminded of the fine craftsmanship you possess that feels more like an extension of all the best parts of you than a lunky handtool. The saw is made in America and will cause bald eagles to swoop in for a closer look to admire the rugged cutting edge of this toothy, saw dust spitting work of art. Don't miss your chance at becoming a real live patriot lumberjack hero and the cause of much saw-envy to all that are fortunate enough to see it in action.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner May 2017 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Justin!!
  • western log saw

    ron hamm, 5/1/2017 I've sold my chain saw as I approach 83 but still hanker to cut firewood. Because of a toe injury, the saw arrived before I got medical clearence. I cheated and tested in a piece from the woodpile. I can wait to get into the woods with my dog Smokie. He will lie down a few feet away and , cross his paws, and supervise. He missed his calling. I would suggest providing or offering for sale a protective covering. The saw is going to provide me countless hours or of pleasure ... and firewood!
  • western log saw

    Andrea, 4/18/2017 I am a 72 year old female and I do not enjoy trying to start a chain saw. I love this saw. It cuts wonderful, but it is a little larger than I feel is needed even for medium size logs. I would recomend it highly, cuts great and it is safe. I also like it as I can go in the woods to cut and carry med. size logs.
  • Nice Saw for Valentine's!

    Bruce Clark , 2/20/2017 Bought this saw for my wife as a Valentine's Day gift, don't laugh, it's what she wanted because she doesn't want to use my chain saw. She really loves it and says it cuts like butter! She's going at all the trees on the property. Very nice saw!
  • Is it weird to name my saw? And pet it??

    Mia Fleener, 2/7/2017 I wanted a reliable non-electric QUALITY tool to cut firewood. This saw is a beast! Made in the USA
  • Western log saw

    Sharon Borawski, 1/11/2017 Effecient,cuts through everything-even I am able to use it
  • I Needed This Saw

    Tom Barrett, 1/10/2017 Needed this saw for bucking oak logs that were given to me by a really good neighborhood tree guy, which were nevertheless too long for my fireplace. It cuts like a charm. Best for under six inches diameter, but can do the bigger job too, with some rolling on the saw buck. I've got an arthritic wrist, so there's always a question, how much can I stand, but I put in several productive hours with it, and am enjoying the results in our woodpile, and especially, in the fireplace.
  • Quality Saw

    Gary, 11/28/2016 Just received and really pleased with the quality, length and ergonomics. Happy to see a quality built tool made here in the USA. Can't wait for next camping/hunting season to put it to work.
  • Cuts great

    David, 7/17/2016 Cut through five 10 inch limbs within an hour and I'm over 70.
  • Good tool

    Steve Kress, 6/3/2016 Cuts nicely, did a great job on a 30" log.
  • Worked well on Mulberry branches

    Michael , 1/18/2016 I've used this to cut apart large branches from a Mulberry tree, as well as sawing apart old fence rails, and posts. I'm happy with this saw.
  • Delivers As Advertised

    John Henry Goldman, 1/30/2015 The blade is strong and substantial in thickness, there is no tendency whatsoever to bend and crease (which makes a saw useless). The teeth are incredibly sharp - combined with the ergonomic design I found a sawing motion that was effective and easy on the body. It saws through large logs well, its stated purpose. A keeper!
  • Western Log Saw

    Chris Read, 9/30/2014 WOW, what a saw! I can actually fit all 4 fingers in the handle. I have cut many cords of wood by hand. I wish that I had this saw years ago!
  • Revised

    J. Powers, 5/16/2013 After two hours of filing this saw is working great.
  • Prepper

    Brad, 11/8/2012 Got this saw in today 11/8/12 ordered it 11/6/12 lighting fast service then took it for a field test and well I guess all I can say is WOW best money I've spent in a while plus the peace of mind knowing I don't haft to rely on my chainsaw cause u never know people,its a nice heavy saw made in the USA and it cuts a nice wide path so the blade don't bind or get pinched u gotta have one babies!
  • The Best Saw Ever Used.

    Tony Lunnie, 8/4/2012 This saw is good to have along with other traditional tools. It is good for a back up saw and use at as an any time saw. This saw is well worth having.
  • Nice Saw

    Michael Keller, 7/13/2011 This is a nice saw. It is a hand (timber) saw so expect to work while using it but it feels good to be healthy. It is pretty handy when I can't or don't want to deal with a chain saw. I like it best when clearing 6-8 inch pines.
  • Trail Clearing

    Chris L, 12/1/2010 I am an active member of a horse trail riding club in New Hampshire and face the year round task of keeping the trails clear of fallen trees. I use this saw in all kinds of situations and what impresses my trail clearing crew is that I can cut through a 6 tree in the time it takes for them to get their chainsaw started. Also, I don't have to carry the weight of the saw, gas and accompanying tools. This is one of the best tools I have ever owned. I will agree with one of the other reviewers that a scabbard is needed."
  • Scabbard / Holster Needed

    Brian, 10/23/2010 A friend of mine has the saw and loves it. I tried it out this past week and loved it. It needs a sheath or scabbard for transporting it in a vehicle or over the shoulder for bringing it into the forest by trails. Is there one available?
  • Old Tech Rules

    Tom Cox, 3/23/2010 I walk into the neighboring woods with this saw, a rope and some WD-40, and find a dead tree (6 to 10-inches at the trunk) that has fallen due to wind or insect damage. My choice is limited to those that are hung up in the brush or their own branches, suspended in the air a few feet off the ground, and have had time to dry out. With a pocket knife, I determine where the good wood is. First, I cut the tree or branch into 6 - 8 foot pieces, short enough carry out of the woods with the length of rope. Then I cut them up on a home-made sawbuck, and split them to dry. This strategy has left me with enough wood to provide a strong supplement to the heat in our trailer through a record-cold winter in Tennessee, without having to put out big money for a load of firewood. I will continue this process all summer, to season next winter's supply. I am 60 years old, and no athlete, but, if I am patient, and keep the blade lubed to cut down on the sap binding, I can cut a 6-inch log through in less than a minute. There's no temperamental, two-cycle motor with its stink and buzz, no fuel or bar oil to worry about, and no high-speed cutting chain spinning within inches of my hands and legs. I can hear the birds, scolding squirrels, and the whisper of wind in the upper branches of the trees. This saw is comfortable to use, and cuts faster than I imagined any, man-powered saw could. It has the feel and appearance of a tool that will last a long time. Nicely done!
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