Whale Eating Fish Windup Toy

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New Whale Eating Fish Windup Toy
the law of the jungle applies underwater too
56A04.18 Whale Eating Fish Windup Toy

Available 10/27/2020


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No harm ever comes to our smaller fish friend, who, despite never prevailing in this chase, always remains free to swim another day. If anything, our slippery sidekicks are playing an eternal game of underwater cat and mouse, round after round of aqueous tag. The real charm of these two is seeing them in action. Pulling the small fish from the big one’s mouth engages the internal spring mechanism. Set them down on a smooth surface and away they go, “swimming” freely and unpredictably. But one always moves a little more quickly, and at some point—gulp!—our plucky little Piscean is swallowed up instantly, disappearing inside his aquatic antagonist until they’re ready for another round and the chase begins anew. The fish measure 6" and 3¼" in length, respectively, and come in a fun, retro-style package.

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