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Sale WinBag Adjusting "Wedge"
A paragon of simplicity & easy function
97C02.01 WinBag Adjuster

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97C01.10 WinBag Adjuster (2)

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Everyone who has worked as a finish carpenter professional or DIY - has had to shim a window or a door into that perfect position for perfect installation. The 6 - 1/4 x 5 - 3/4" WinBag can be inflated using the simple squeeze bulb from dead flat to 2 - 1/2" thick. A simple twist of the locking knob holds its shape firmly. When the job is done, simply let the air out. Rated to lift and hold up to 220 lbs. Really does the job.

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Overall Rating
  • Saving shims

    Mark, 9/18/2017 Used in many situations requiring shims, set up with the bag and fine tune for final shim placement; windows, doors, cabinets, etc.
  • Handy

    T Andrew, 3/4/2016 Excellent for holding up a door while working on the hinges. Turn a 2 person job into a one person job. Very sturdy, well made.
  • Great Invention

    Carl Wiggins, 3/22/2015 Great invention! Very handy to hang doors, much better than multiple shims. Use hanging doors while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.
  • Useful in More Ways Than One

    Michael Young, 3/15/2015 I do a myriad of woodworking projects, mostly custom carving and restoration. Recently, I was tasked with the restoration of two very heavy oak doors. Re-mounting them in their frames without marring them was a job not suited to wedges or shims alone. With two WINBAGS" I was able to get the precise vertical and horizontal alignment needed to re apply the hinges. These "tools" made a difficult two person job into a relaxing one person task. I tried them out first to lift the home refrigerator- no problem. A friend, who is a locksmith pointed out that he had similar, although lower quality, bags to open car doors at $150.00 each call!"
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