Wind-up Tin Birds

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New Wind-up Tin Birds
45B01.86 Walking Goose

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56A04.12 Jumping Chick

Available 11/03/2020


56A04.13 Little Bird

Available 11/03/2020


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This trio of tin farm birds may bring you back to childhood days spent galivanting at family farms and petting zoos, enjoying the wonders of nature and the sights and sounds of some of our most beloved feathered friends. Simply charming old-fashioned toys to wind up and enjoy. The 7” tall Walking Goose struts proudly around the barnyard, while the 4” Little Bird hops and flaps its wings. And certainly not the least of the bunch is the Jumping Chick, pecks away at the ground, ever in search of the next delicious morsel. Alone or as a set, these are a delight for urban or rural families.

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