Windup Mama Duck & Ladybug

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vintage collectibles from germany
45B01.60 Windup Ladybug

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These particular vintage Lehmann windups are no longer made and have become very popular collectibles. The Mama Duck and Eva Ladybug are real classics, and delivered in their original multilingual packaging, which includes some great, historic details like the declaration “Made in Western Germany.” Wind them up and see what they do. The duck spins in crazy, unpredictable circles. (we are not in any way suggesting it’s a metaphor for our modern lives). The Ladybug lights up. When these are gone, they’re gone, so snap them up now. These charming windups are pure fun. Keep one at your work desk, as a stress reliever, or wow your family with the mechanical antics of these classics.

Due to popularity we’ve sold out of the Vintage Mama Duck. Quantities are limited on the Ladybug.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Contains Small parts. Collectible not intended as a toy.
Sparking Ladybug Video

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