Wire Mesh Safety Guard

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Wire Mesh Safety Guard
Gives you a clear view without fogging
19R06.01 Wire Screen Face Shield

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19R06.02 Replacement Clear Window

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We like this lightweight guard a lot better than the usual full-face plastic guard. The non-scratch mesh gives you great protection from wood chips and plant bits thrown by string trimmers, lathes, etc. It has a clear insert at eye level for better vision. The mesh design means that the safety guard is fully breathable, so there is no possibility of it fogging. This will be much more comfortable to wear in warm months.

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Overall Rating
  • Saving Face

    Anthony , 5/2/2020 Covers all angles of face protection. Feel secure and safe.
  • Unique item

    Bradley, 4/15/2019 I recently purchased a dremmel tool. The manufacturer strongly advised the use of a face shield. I researched the available options and was pleased to find this well designed product. The mesh is substantial. The clear plastic eye shield is well positioned and appears thick enough to afford adequate protection. There is ample room to accommodate my corrective lenses and dust mask. The device is unique in that the mesh makes it no fog and there is non obstructing eye protection. I am very pleased with this item.
  • Good product.

    Louis Mes, 2/17/2019 This is a well thought out product but a bit "pricey" when compared with other similar protective devices. However, the fact that it doesn't fog up is a very big advantage and makes it less likely that one might omit protecting yourself in the name of comfort. It is not a substitute for dust protection. I highly recommend it if it is used sensibly.
  • Good purchase.

    Marilyn Perez, 1/21/2019 Easy to put together. Comfortable to wear. Since I wear glasses, it makes it nice that it won't fog up. More comfortable in warm weather. Great to wear when working on a close up project.
  • Wire Mesh Safety Guard

    Irving A Karel, 12/20/2018 I concur with the other positive reviews. I use this with making pens on a lathe---the protection is there, while breathing is not impeded and the plastic eyepiece does not fog up.
  • Wire mesh safety guard

    frank kovach, 12/20/2018 Perfect for my needs
  • Works but cheaply made.

    Mike Acker, 11/12/2018 Holes didn't align, had to drill. Headpiece foam flimsy. Works but cheaply made.
  • Best for protecting a 12-year-old woodworker!

    Al Cavasin, 8/23/2018 I never thought anything like this would work for much other than welding or metalworking, but I'm happy to admit my error! I recently started woodworking projects with my grandson and it was immediately clear we needed something more than safety glasses/goggles. When the sawdust starts flying, we need to keep young eyes protected! So on a hunch, I picked up two of these and auditioned one myself before equipping the 12 year old. I was pleasantly surprised! They are lightweight, versatile, easy to wear, will accommodate glasses and don't fog. The best part is they keep sawdust and wood chips away from the entire face, not just the eyes. I plan on purchasing several more as gifts and highly recommend them!
  • Wire mesh safety guard

    Phil Laudenklos , 6/29/2018 I like the protection while being able to see and breath without fogging up. I use this for turning at the lathe. I wish it was longer because chips go below and down my shirt. I would buy again.
  • Comfortable

    Teresa Lang-Wilson, 6/1/2018 It fits well I love being able to breathe when it’s hot and when it’s cold without fogging the lens. Very comfortable.
  • Cool and clear

    WSK, 7/3/2017 Finally a face shield that doesn't fog up. The clear panel is so so clear it almost doesn't seem to be there and it is a relief to feel air movement through the screened section. More comfortable than my previous all plastic face shield.
  • Quality product !

    Christopher O'Connor , 3/7/2017 Well made. Easy to assemble. Very comfortable to wear.
  • face it!

    mike gray, 3/5/2017 at first I thought it was small and a bit flimsy . once assembled, I like the flexablity of the head gear.glass does not fog
  • One is not enough

    D. Odvody, 1/14/2017 I rarely used full face safety guards for many reasons. Mainly they always fogged up and you could not see what you were doing and therefore a safety hazard and they were always at someplace you were not working. These don't fog up, so I bought two more so they are usually where I am working. One in the garage, the tool shed and the pickup truck. Besides protecting your face, they are comfortable to wear. They aren't cheap, but neither is eye surgery.
  • Looking for breathable safety!

    J. Wags, 9/2/2016 Excellent protection and well ventilated. This mask is great for hobbyist, crafters, and gardening. The wire mesh is breathable and protects great. The clear window does not fog and it's nice looking through a not scratched area. I sent for extra clear windows in case I need to replace at some point. Very light and workable. Awesome!
  • Best face guard

    Lisa, 6/20/2016 I purchased this face guard for the ventilation. I live on the humid side of Texas & clear fence lines full of brambles. I have protection, ventilation and surprising comfort. The headband is a pleasant surprise. The cloth very absorbent & comfortable.
  • Great Product

    Gennie Gilvin, 4/8/2016 Full field of vision, comfortable to wear. How many times have you tried to blow off saw dust through a different type of face shield?? Works with this one...
  • Masked wood worker

    David, 3/4/2016 This face shield works great for basic woodworking. I live in Houston where warm is our word for cold so a light weight face mask is what I need. I can also wear my ear protectors over the mask very comfortably. The mask was easy to assemble and adjust to fit my head. I also purchased some extra viewing screens. I have not changed yet so I do not know if this is a pain or not.
  • Face Guard

    Don, 8/19/2015 Great product.
  • Excellent Fit

    RETMD, 7/5/2015 Comfortable fit, even over eyeglasses. Sturdy construction.
  • A Better Safety Guard

    Dan Moerman, 3/1/2015 My previous face guard was full plastic. It was hot, scratched, and uncomfortable. The only face shield that is worth anything is one which will be worn. This one is cool, comfortable, and clear; the plastic eye port is replaceable should it get scratched. And the price was right. The only problem was there are 4 rivets" holding the shield to the cap. Mine came with only 3. But it will be fine."
  • Protection Plus

    Dave Chase, 12/31/2014 This is perfect for eye glass wearers because wire mesh makes it a no-fog shield. I have been waiting for something simple like this for a long time.
  • Quick Change

    Dave Chase, 12/31/2014 Who wants to buy a new full size shield when the old one is too scuzzy to see through well? This replaceable panel is the best idea yet, small, easy to change, and priced right. Highly recommend.
  • Wire Mesh Face Shield

    David Wright, 12/4/2014 The product arrived on time and well packed. It was easy to assemble so it could be used immediately. The clear insert makes it easy to see your work and the wire mesh allows for air flow which helps avoid the fogging associated with some face shields. We plan on using it for our professional demonstrators in the hope it will help with the acoustics associated with wearing a microphone which demonstrating.
  • Where Do I Get Replacement Windows

    Allen, 11/14/2013 I like the mesh face shield but the plastic window scratches and I can no longer see through it. Where can I get replacement windows. This product is useless unless the replacement windows are also available.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your suggestion. We have added the replacement windows as a stock item.
  • Face Guard

    Jerry Pacholski, 10/21/2013 This is a good solid piece of protection. It just feels more safe than the plastic shield I used before. And it doesn't fog up like the last one. Whether you are turning, running a chain saw or working on the router table, this is the one to have.
  • Safety Shield

    Dan Harriger, 8/19/2013 Works fine, better ventilation than the solid face shield I have been using. Only drawback is that I cannot find a replacement clear window. Garrett Wade does not carry them and the manufacturer does not respond to email requests. Purchase at your own risk!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Wire Screen Face Shield. We do have the replacement windows available. We will be sending some to you this week. Thanks again.
  • Great for Woodturning

    Jeff, 7/30/2013 I bought this to use for turning bowls on my lathe. It works great for deflecting shavings and the occasional chunk of bark, and is much lighter and cooler than the plastic shields. Very nice.
  • Eye Protection

    Perry, 3/10/2013 Outstanding eye protection for yard and shop. Affords excellent field of vision. The mask protects the fact from briars in the yard, stones from weedeater, etc. I used this weekend with circular saw and felt a good level of confidence with eye protection. Did not fog up at all and fits easily over eyeglasses. The sweat band in the head strap is a plus out in the yard. Highly recommended.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner March 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Perry!!
  • Versatile while providing safety

    Ron, 2/4/2012 This is the best face shield I have found. The previous shields do not last long because they aware made of inferior material. I greatly appreciate the safety this shield provide me in all types of occasions in my woodworking shop and working outside chopping wood, trimming trees, etc. It allows for better airflow through the mesh portion of the shield. Thank you for providing it.
  • Nice

    Bob L., 4/16/2009 I really like it. I purchased the shield for using with my grinder but it does so much more. Wirks well with woodworking tools that create lots of chips. I especially like using it with my router. It doesn't fog up and it is cool to wear. My wife wants one now so I am going to buy atleast one more.
  • Review of wire mesh safety guard

    Gary, 4/15/2009 I give the guard 5 stars. I've used other full-face plastic guards in the past, but each has fogged up whenever the weather is warm and humid (frequent in Virginia). I also wear glasses and the standard guard tends to fog them, as well. The Wire Mesh Safety Guard completely eliminates fogging while offering the same amount of protection as the traditional style. It is also cooler to use over extended periods of time. I highly recommend it.
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