Wonderbar Rust Eraser

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Wonderbar Rust Eraser
A simple product that works
06K02.01 Coarse Block - 60 grit

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06K02.02 Fine Block - 240 grit

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06K02.03 Medium Block - 120 grit

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06K03.02 Set All 3 Blocks

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These 3-1/4 x 2 x 3/4" blocks are made from a special rubber compound saturated with silicon carbide particles. They work on metal the way an eraser works on paper. They will not clog up or load, and can be cut with a utility knife to fit any shape. Can be used dry or with any standard lubricant, including water.

The coarse block is superb for cleaning any metal surface, and the fine block is great for polishing. The medium block works for in-between situations. Polish your machinery tables for extra slickness; clean rust, corrosion, scratches or stains from virtually any metal surface. Get all three and save.

The Medium is popular among artists as a lead pointer/shaper for graphite and charcoal pencils because it is long-lasting and cleanable.

Made in Germany.

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Overall Rating
  • Great way to remove rust without a machine, but they do wear quickly

    Barry Sobel, 10/16/2020 These blocks work well They can wear out quickly if used a lot on big jobs A handy way to remove rust without a machine
  • Super helpful

    Lynne, 5/22/2020 I am rehabilitating a cast iron book press, and began with the coarse block to get at the worst of the rust spots. I switched to medium, and finished with fine before cleaning with just enough solvent to let a fresh coat of paint stick. I used the fine block on a stainless straight edge, and touched up some kitchen flatware. What a great product!
  • It’s a must have for anyone who likes things flawlessly

    Sara Senger, 5/2/2020 Throughly enjoying they have brought back to life many of my tools that I have got caught in the rain/snow working on the job sight over the years.
  • Very useful

    Mitch, 10/8/2019 I had to step away from woodworking for over 10 years to help raise kids. During that time many of my treasured tools rusted and needed maintenance. These erasers used in combination with other things returned my tools to near new. Thank you.
  • Eraser

    Jim , 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • Coarse Block

    Michael Glenn Barnett, 11/1/2018 Excellent Product....does the job.
  • Not as good as i hoped

    Bryan Greifinger, 8/31/2018 Not impressed with the results i got trying to clean up my table saw top. I sprayed on WD 40 and scrubbed away with the coarse eraser. Once the top coating of the eraser was worn off it felt more like a sponge than an eraser. It took off some superficial dirt but did nothing to make the table top shine and remove deep down rust stains.
  • Don't give up your 0000 steel wool

    David, 8/23/2018 I tried the medium grit rust eraser and achieved moderate cleaning of a rusty tool. I finished up the task with steel wool and a wire brush on my drill. Did not come close to the spectacular results shown in the video.
  • Outstanding product

    Tammy p Temblador, 8/4/2018 Outstanding product...I tried all three...I am using them on my garden tools and am so happy with how they clean them up!!! My tools never looked better. Thank you so much
  • Great Product

    Kenn, 6/25/2018 I used these to clean up a couple of old saws and some planes that had rust spots. All three grits worked well and I'm very satisfied with the results.
  • Quick and effective tool cleaning

    Donny, 6/24/2018 I have sworn by these coarse blocks to clean and maintain our saw tables but had not tried them on our garden tools—I now am a believer!
  • You Can't Go Wrong With These!!!

    Michael B., 5/14/2018 Working with knives, swords & antique tools, you just can't go wrong with working with these "Erasers". Nothing will beat them, hands down. By far the best out there!
  • tool renewel!

    Eleanor J Cerny, 7/16/2017 I just came across some very old tools, specifically a garden knife and fell in love with them. But they needed a serious restoration and these eraser are doing the job just fine.
  • Outstanding product!

    David Frey, 4/25/2017 I bought the 'fine' eraser hoping to remove some stains on my very old Craftsman table saw. I think I had tried everything else you can imagine with not much success. It took a little elbow grease, but the stains finally came out. I'm a happy woodworker!
  • Truly fine products!

    Catherine Treadwell-Hill, 2/17/2017 This fine block replaces 2 previous ones that I wore out - that's how useful they are!
  • rust every where at shore

    Tom, 9/6/2016 I ordered all three as I live near the shore and salt air seems to accelerate the rust process. They arrive just in time to use on a wood chisel. I was pleasantly surprised at the stiffness. Worked great.
  • Excellent for Rst and paint Removal

    Robert Edward Martin Pinder, 8/26/2016 Have not used the medium or fine yet. The course one truly deserves the title eraser. I have been restoring some old 50/60s benchtop motors and these things make quick work of the rust and paint removal.
  • A Grade for all Reasons

    Chris Dangerfield, 5/5/2016 I purchased all three grades and have already used the coarse and medium. I've loved the medium for years, using it clean up garden clippers. Nothing works better to get plant sap and leafy matter off of the blades, between sharpenings. Now, I'm loving the coarse one to removed muck and rust from some of the bigger tools (shovel, hoe, etc...) It really makes the job infinitely easier. I wouldn't be without it. I have several sets of indoor scissors I'm ready to try the fine grade on next. Hee hee hee...
  • Very Ssmall

    Kennard Weaver, 3/5/2016 The blocks appear to work well, but they are incredibly small. They are about one-third the size of the standard palm-size sanding block.
  • The One and Only ....... Back again!

    Tom, 3/4/2016 This is the second set of these blocks I have ordered from GW, they are comparable to the original Wunder Bar blocks which were also made in Germany and I suspect they were re-branded to modernize the packaging. I am using them for most anything from cleaning up old rusted cast iron skillets to refurbishing antique wood tools and anything else that is either tarnished or has been moderately rusted. I don't expect them to be a heavy rust remover nor were the original WB's ever touted to be the "be all and end all" of rust removers but they work well on light to moderate rust and some kinds of oxidation and tarnish on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Works Miracles

    Lisa, 7/15/2015 I am using these in my cleaning and restoration of antique sewing machines. Really cleans the years of grime, especially from the hand wheels and cloth plates. Who knew these things could look so great without having to use harsh chemicals. Love it. Plus these come in three grits. I have only seen fine grit before finding them here.
  • Great Rust Patch Removers

    Jugnu J., 11/27/2014 I bought two sets of three erasers. So far found them excellent at removing rust patches which develop on my woodworking tools. Good for cleaning-up small areas.
  • Finally, the Workman's Helper" is found again!"

    Dave Rife, 7/8/2014 A long time ago, I had some rust erasers that I used on a regular basis, although they weren't anywhere near this large or easy to hold. Since then, I have been wishing I had another set, and I found that set here on Garrett Wade! They are priced right, large and easy to hold, and the best part is they really work! You don't need any liquid or lubricant, and you can get a really nice polish on your tools or knives. Now that I know just where to find them, I won't be without them anymore!" "
  • Rust Getter?

    James Chitko, 4/1/2014 Product a lot smaller in size. Removes rust very slowly on some handsaw blades. It does work but not that well.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Coarse Block. We have had our technician test it on an item that was not badly rusted but had a fair share of surface rust. It may not be as effective on items that are badly rusted or pitted. Please feel free to send it back for a refund using the return label which was included. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Sanding Jewlery

    Susan Holloway, 3/24/2013 These are great for sanding underwater my polymer clay jewelry. It is so much better than sandpaper.
  • Wonderbar Eraser

    John Christman, 12/18/2011 Using the product to restore Antique Tools and general maintenance of newer tools. Job still requires elbow grease" but it buffed a bronze LV plane to a gleaming shine and took decades of rust/grime off of some handsaws. Purchased two (3) packs. Now need to invest the time on the tools."
  • Rust Eraser

    Lawrance Glenn, 12/31/2010 This product lives up to it's reputation. Absolutely a Wonder! I have never used any product that removed rust so easily and completely. (and no damage to your tools!)
  • Well Kept Secret

    Steven Piantadosi, 12/8/2010 I have had older versions of these rust erasers in my shop for years where they do an excellent job of maintaining scroll gouges, chisels, hand planes, power tool tabletops and other tools. They are effective, easy to use, and last decades unlike other short term solutions like VCI. While visiting Seattle recently, I inquired about rust erasers" in a famous hardware store that seems to have everything, and was surprised to be laughed at (literally). So I am laughing at them now as my supply is replenished from GW and my tools will continue to be pristine."
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