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Wood Mosaic Kits
Marquetry (the art of wood inlay) is a skill that takes time, precision and patience, but the results can be spectacular. These 8 x 8”, (naturally) colorful all-wood inlay kits provide an easy, fun introduction to this time-honored art form, allowing you to create spectacular designs. It’s a great project on your own or with kids.

Each kit contains everything you will need--the pieces snap easily out of their templates and fit snugly within the precision cut pattern (extra pieces are included, of course). After completing the pattern, peel the protective sheet from the pre-glued backing board and press the two sheets together. The only tool you need on hand is a blade to smooth off any errant wood burrs from where the pieces attach to their template. When finished, simply apply a light wood oil to bring out the color.

In keeping with custom, the bright colors of the patterns are all from the natural colors of the woods used: Douglas Fir, Bubinga, Wenge, Walnut, and Purpleheart. The finished result fits nicely within an 8 x 8” frame. An instructional video is aso available on our site. You’ll be very pleased with the results, and it makes a great gift for the budding woodworker on your holiday list.
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