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Wooden Train Models that Really Move
$ 59.95
From the same company who makes our popular Willy's Jeep and London Double Decker Bus Wood Models, this Wooden Train Engine and Train Car Kit is a challenging and fun puzzle to assemble, with the payoff of have great satisfaction in building an object that moves. These models have an old fashion aesthetic, and are mechanically functional, assisted by a rubber band drive belt. The elaborate parts wind and work and propel the Engine and Car along a short length of track. The details are exquisite, and include, among other things: a connecting rod and flywheel; two passenger doors that open and close on hinges; a roof that lifts off so you can see the interior; and decorative details like a parquet floor pattern and upholstery buttons on the seats.

Clear, concise and thorough directions allowed us to assemble this in about 6-8 hours (your skill level might be different). No glue necessary, as the pieces all interlock with one another. A really special project to undertake with your kids or grandkids, as it encourages imaginative play and develops motor coordination, spatial thinking, and problem solving. Made of laser-cut birch plywood.

Dimensions 34” x 7” x 5”
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