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Clearance Woodworker Gift Set
japanese folding saw + odd job and ruler
49I02.10 Woodworker Gift Set

Available 03/15/2021

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Our Woodworker Gift Set features our Folding Utility Saw, whose Japanese-style pull-stroke design makes it a go-to tool for cutting boards. The blade lock is very secure, and the 10" blade folds into the rubber-covered steel handle. The blade is 2" wide and 10" long. The set also included the Garrett Wade OddJob. Originally made in 1888 now manufactured by us. It’s an inside mitre and try square, a depth gauge, a scribing tool for arcs and circles, a T-square, a depth marking scribe, a plumb level, and a rule. Made of solid brass and steel and carefully machined on all sides. The Hardwood 6" Rule is brass-bound and graduated in inches and metric units.

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