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37B01.20 Woodworkers' Sharpening Set

Available 07/07/2020

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Freehand sharpening of plane blades and chisels can be difficult, especially when trying to maintain a constant sharpening angle. To make this job easier and repeatable, we've put together a set of our favorite honing guide and a super handy 1000/3000 Double-Sided Corundum Whetstone.

Our very simple Honing Jig has a clamp with an adjusting finger screw, so you can secure your blades in one of two guides: a narrow lower bed for chisels and a wider upper bed for plane irons. Can accommodate blades up to 3” wide, and there is even a handy guide etched in the side with suggestions on where to clamp the blade to achieve which sharpening angle. So, whether you prefer an acute angle for softer woods and finer shaving, or a wider angle for robust shaving and knotty woods, this handy Honing Guide can do it all.

We include in the set our Double-Sided Corundum Whetstone, which is graded as 1000 and 3000 grit. Lubricate the stone with water.

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