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83R01.04 3-in-1 Combination Plane

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Between them, Record Ridgway and Stanley (UK) produced some exceptional woodworker's trim planes. These have now largely disappeared and are sorely missed by craftsmen everywhere.

Now, a firm in India has taken up the task. They sent us their output. We liked what we saw but also sent them out for testing by pros. The results vastly exceeded our expectations. These are very good tools. They are all great value and we highly recommend them all.

The Bullnose Plane (removing the nose produces a Chisel Plane) has the 4" sole and sides ground square and the blade is 1" wide. The adjustable top half allows adjustment for very fine shavings and minimum tear out. It also can be converted to a narrow Chisel Plane.

The Shoulder Plane (a close copy of the old Stanley #92 - a favorite of everyone - has a 5" long sole ground square with the sides and blade that is exceptionally narrow at 3/4". As before, the adjustable top half allows adjustment for very fine shavings and minimum tear out.

The 3-in-1 Shoulder Plane was one of Record's most popular tools. This one is every bit as good. The 6" long body, ground, as usual, square with the sides has a 1-1/8" wide cutter - plus a removable nose (to make a "chisel" plane), an alternative-use short "bullnose" replacement nose and several nose shim. Theses all give this plane the functionality of 3 different tools.

See below for a customer video review of the Combination Plane.

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Overall Rating
  • Bullnose Plane

    David P., 6/20/2017 This little plane arrived square and true, so things may have improved with the manufacturer. The blade needed sharpening, but that is expected. This little plane resides on my bench as I use it all the time.
  • Good value for $70

    Dan Lewis, 1/29/2017 I like this little plane. It's not perfect. (Before reading the other reviews, take a good look at the price.) The sole is flat enough, blade fits fine (if not exactly perfect. I've been able to get nice, thin shavings on lousy wood, which I think is a compliment to the plane. I've not tried the bull nose, yet. If it's like the rest, I'm satisfied. The blade adjust thumb screw turns a little rough. I think it's the hole in the back of the blade that it pushes/pulls on needs to be cleaned up. If it gets too frustrating, I'll take a diamond file to it. But, it's adequate. For under $70, this is a great tool. I wouldn't recommend it for professional cabinet makers, or others who feel the need to have that level of performance. But, for us duffers, it's good.
  • Nice looking plane, but....

    Larry, 12/1/2015 I have been wanting a nice little shoulder plane for quite a while. This one really seemed to fit the bill. However, the first time I tried to adjust the blade the forged piece that is used to tighten the blade snapped in half. Now I have no way of hold the blade in place rendering it completely useless.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Woodworker's Trimming Planes. Please call 1-800-221-2942, and ask to speak with our technician. He will be able to assist you with this. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Not Flat or Square!

    Ryan Diehl, 6/9/2014 Let's start with the positives, the sides were dead flat and parallel. And now onto the part where the manufacture didn't know what they were doing or didn't care to much. The sole was not ground square OR flat! It was 5 thousandths out side to side and 11 thousandths out corner to corner on one side (twisted, don't ask me how they did that one). To make matters worse, when you put the small bullnose attachment on, that was 35 thousandths to long; it was so long it raised the tool right up off of the work! I brought it to a machine shop next door and they milled it dead flat, the only problem with that was it opened the mouth of the plane so much that it is borderline useless... Any other problems you ask? Well, yes! The blade is wider then the plane and is so tightly fit into the body you can't adjust the blade square to the plane without it sticking out of the side of the plane (meaning you can't clean up a tenon or use the square properly). Also, the pin that holds the frog in place was not seated in the frog properly (it is off centered) and will stick out of the side of the plane which means the plane can't be used properly, once again. All in all, it can be made functional with lots and lots of work, but really, it would be easier to just buy a better made, more expensive one somewhere else.
  • Inadequate Video.

    Gregor Pinney, 1/3/2014 The video review was heavy on preparation of the tool before using it the first time. But it gave very little information about use of the tool as a shoulder plane, which is what I wanted to see.
  • Great Plane

    Mike D, 12/19/2013 Great planes to work with. Needed a little touch up before use, but otherwise a great buy.
  • A Little Gem

    Jane Curtis, 7/21/2013 Machined beautifully and spectacular balance. This is a tool that you hold in your hand and you know it will do the job.
  • Nice Shoulder Plane

    Nick A, 1/2/2013 This review is for the shoulder plane (83RO1.05). I just received the plane in the mail today. Took it out of the box and wiped off the protective oil. After marveling at its form and finish I subjected it to a closer examination. Upon checking it with a machinists square, I was pleased to see that the sole is as flat as can be and the sides are perfectly square to the sole. I can see myself removing the front portion of the plane and using it as a chisel plane. The grind on the iron is a little out of square (about 1/128 over 3/4") but clean. This will be easily squared with a little hand honing. My co-worker has a Stanley number 92 and this plane seems just as good to me. I am very happy with this plane especially after considering the great price. I would recommend this plane to any of my cabinet making co-workers. "
  • Great Shoulder Plane

    J Trowbridge, 11/14/2012 I just got this plane in the mail today and it totally exceeded my expectations! The sole of the plane came flat and registered with the sides, the mouth was square. The only problem with the tool was that the blade was not ground square but it didn't take that long to square it up. I think that for the money you would have a hard time finding a better shoulder plane.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner November 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Justin!!
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