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An inspiring gift for an aspiring craftsman
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Everyone has to start somewhere, and having your own set of these three basic hand tools that you have to keep clean, well sharpened and in good working order can inspire an enthusiastic young woodworker.

The tools chosen and packed in a fitted wood case are a #4 Smooth Plane, a Standard Block Plane with an adjustable mouth and a fully Adjustable Spokeshave (as basic a personal kit as one can imagine).

We have tried to pull together such a set for a reasonable cost for years - always stymied by a cost we felt was too high. A well respected Indian engineering firm finally accepted the challenge and we are delighted to have, for the very first time, a Kit that we can believe in.

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  • JohnO

    John Oesleby, 11/7/2018 I lost my workshop and tools in the California wildfires, and thought this set would get me started again. It’s a good value, but does require some fine tuning. There are a lot of videos online. I found the following: The blades are lightweight, and need sharpening. The edge of one (the block plane) had been visibly overheated, and required some effort to get to undamaged steel. It doesn’t seem to hold an edge long. On the smoothing plane, the sole is concave, and will need some effort to flatten. The frog resisted adjustment because the adjustment screw was drilled a little to close to the sole. I got the frog into an acceptable position be removing the washers from the hold-down screws. The chip breaker needed some work to fit the blade properly. Overall, I feel the set was a decent value.
  • plane set

    bob, 9/17/2017 Plane is square and flat , after sharpening works as well as my other planes. Spokeshave is very nice no sharpening needed.
  • A very good purchase!

    Seth, 4/30/2016 They arrived on time, and were just what I was hoping for. I'm sure they will be just what I needed.
  • Beginners Only

    Oakman, 1/12/2015 If you are planning on remaining a beginner then these are fine but..... The soles of the planes are not flat. Planes will only flatten a surface as flat as their soles and the ones I received are not flat and the work I would need to do in order to flatten the is excessive. The sides of both planes I received are not square. I sharpened the blades after cleaning the shipping oil from them. (they did arrive clean). I did get them adjusted to shave a nice thin strip off the piece I was working on but it was not flat due to the sole issues stated above. Had I performed these tests promptly upon receipt of the planes, I would have returned them. They will serve a purpose but they are not what I expected.
  • Great Addition To My Workshop

    John P, 3/18/2014 I lost most of my tools in the divorce. I have gotten a tool here and there over the past few years. I needed a plane and went to Google to see what was available. I found this starter set and placed my order. The planes exceeded my expectation and I have used them successfully on several projects. I recommend this starter set to all without reservation!
  • Stanley Honing

    Donald Sondej, 2/25/2014 Didn't know I had a chisel until I used your honing tool, before I sharpened it I had to use a hammer, afterword I just tapped it with the palm of my hand, why didn't I find this a few years ago.
  • Easy Measure, Poor Rollers

    Tom, 2/20/2014
  • Plane Review

    Ingrid Walden, 1/19/2014 I love the products I ordered from your company. I like having all three tools in one box.
  • Stanley Sharpening Holder

    Bill Macy, 9/2/2013 This simple holder is just the ticket for sharpening spokeshave blades. It works on short blades that the typical side clamping jigs do not.
  • Simple and Easy

    Mike Fiori, 1/18/2013 My chisels sat unsharpened for years in my tools box. Tried other methods but with this tool it made sharpening easy and simple. No need to buy new ones.
  • Starter Set

    TGRichmann, 1/2/2013 Starter Set - for someone STARTING OUT - should have instructions on how to operate and take care of any tool. This set has NOTHING -- ???

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry to hear that this item did not come with the necessary guidelines. Your comments have prompted us to consider accompanying literature with this item. Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
    For a  wonderfully useful  accompaniment book to the Woodworking Starter Set, please Click Here.
  • Starter Tool Set

    Gord, 1/2/2013 Nice inexpensive starter set I purchased for my Little Brother. The planes were easy to disassemble for sharpening and the blades sharpened easily. The blades were ground a bit low in the center but was easily corrected with a course stone. There was a problem with the wooden box and after a few iffy phone calls a replacement box was received well before Christmas.
  • The Beginner

    John, 9/18/2012 Arrived quickly and in a real beautiful box. I sharpened and honed the planes and used them to smooth some old cedar boards. They worked flawlessly even for this beginning woodworker. A real joy using these types of tools instead of power sanding tools and the like. I have never used a Spokeshave before but can already see that it will be very useful as I progress in my journey from welder to woodworking.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner September 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, John!!"
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