Choosing a Woodworker's Workbench: Details and Dimensions

We have maintained for over 35 years that a woodworking bench is the most important tool in any woodworking shop - no exceptions. It's not a myth. It's true. The best benches have traditionally been European made - like ours all are, and good ones typically have cost $600 to $2,000. The main cost factors are weight (bigger timbers cost more, the overall size and also vise configuration. Our advice to every serious woodworker (or one that aspires to improve his or her work – professional or amateur, is to get the biggest bench you can fit in your shop and that you can afford. Then if your current circumstances change, you can always trade up and easily sell the one you have been using.

A specialist Czech bench making firm that we have known for over 15 years has developed a range that offers really good value and excellent functional benefits – including many models with extensive storage capacity.

As an aid for you, here is a chart detailing the critical specifications on all our benches. See each website page for photos and further descriptive information, prices and shipping information.

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Stock Number 88A01.01   88A01.10 88A01.20   88A01.07   88A01.80 / 88A01.81
Material European Red Beech   European Red Beech   European Red Beech   European Red Beech
Length (L-R) 43 in   67 in 79 in   59 in   78 in
Width (F-B) 28 in, incl. 8-1/2 in Tool Well   19-1/2 in   27-1/2 in, incl. Tool Well   24 in, incl. Tool Well
Height 35 in   33-1/2 in   34 in   34-1/4 in
Working Area 8.5 sq ft   9.1 sq ft 10.7 sq ft   12.7 sq ft   13 sq ft
Thickness at Edge 3 in   3-1/4 in   4-3/4 in   4-1/4 in
Thickness at Center 1-1/2 in   1-3/16 in   1-1/2 in   2 in
Front Vise Width 16-1/2 in   14-1/8 in   15-1/2 in   19 in
Front Vise Max Opening 6-1/2 in   5-3/4 in   5-1/2 in   7 in
Tail Vise Width 11-1/2 in   14-1/8 in   22 in   19 in
Tail Vise Max Opening 5 in   5-3/4 in   5-1/2 in   7 in
Weight 140 lbs   172 lbs 190 lbs   146 lbs   260 lbs / 286 lbs
Finish Linseed Oil   Linseed Oil   Linseed Oil   Linseed Oil
Dogs 2 Rectangular Steel Dogs   4 Round Steel Dogs   4 Round Steel Dogs   4 Round Steel Dogs
Upper Shelf with 2 Drawers
Rear Tool Well
Folds Closed to 50 H x 47 W x 10 D (in)
1 Shelf Below
4 Front Leg Dog Holes
Lockable Storage Cabinet
Wide Tail Vise
4 Bench Dogs
Rear Tool Well
Extra Wide Top
Center Drawer
Storage Shelves
Lockable Cabinet
4 Drawers (88A01.81)
Rear Tool Well
Center Drawer

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