Workman’s Machetes

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Clearance Workman’s Machetes
Mixed Lot of High-Quality Utility Blades
04D04.34 Workman’s Machetes

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This is a true grab bag—a very limited stock assortment of excellent all-purpose machetes from El Salvador. True workman’s tools, they are made for field work such as cutting cane or hacking through dense jungle brush. Available singly or as a randomly selected pair at a discount. This random selection saves us in labor cost, and allows us to pass that savings on to you (and maybe even adds a little bit of a fun surprise factor). As a result, we can’t tell you exactly which machetes you’ll get, but we can tell you that all are high quality, with extremely sharp and durable 22-28” steel blades.

The handles are of varying materials, ranging from synthetic to wood, and in styles from pommels with hand guards to open-form handles. These are cool looking, versatile, very effective, and will last you a long, long time. A real bargain, and one you’ll find only here at Garrett Wade. This deal won’t be around forever—once these limited quantities are gone, they’re gone.

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