Workshop Vise Gift Set

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Workshop Vise Gift Set
18B02.10 Workshop Vise Gift Set

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This is as nice of a Mechanic’s Vise we have seen in many years—exceptionally useful, and really well made—and the superb supplementary Jaws will revolutionize what you can do with your Vise. The Vise can rotate 360˚ on its swivel base, has a max clamping capacity of 7-1/4" and weighs a heavy-duty 39 lbs. The supplementary Jaws are made of nicely finished, machined aluminum with fitted magnetic inserts. The set contains three different pairs of Jaws, for three new gripping surfaces: a non-marring, smooth aluminum pair; a machined-recesses pair, that securely grips pipe and other round objects on either axis; and a rubber-faced pair, that provides for softer gripping. The modest cost of this utilitarian set will be expand the capabilities of your workshop. Because of very heavy weight, a ground shipping surcharge of $15 applies. Air shipping is not available.

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