WWII-Style “Ammo Box”

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WWII-Style “Ammo Box”
powder-coated steel storage box
45A06.20 WWII-Style Ammo Box- Set of Two (2)

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Think “Band of Brothers”, the Battle of the Bulge, Remagen Bridge, Hacksaw Ridge – American GIs from the cornfields of Iowa to Coney Island, doing their duty. These Army-green WW2-Style “ammo boxes” (specifically designed for the iconic, largest serving weapon in NATO – the Browning 50 cal M2 heavy machine gun) are great looking, sturdy steel boxes to use for whatever you want stored safely: your tools, art supplies, or camping gear. Comes with a rubber gasket, and a hinged, removable top. Power-coated steel in classic drab-green. Approximately 6" wide x 12" long x 7" tall. Comes in sets of two.

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