X-Large 24" Thermometer

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X-Large 24" Thermometer
Easy to read from a distance
Double-sided scale
24T02.11 X-Large 24" Thermometer

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The rationale for this design is obvious. Plus, it's very attractive and will "dress up" the yard. The Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are displayed on two sides so the temperature can be seen from multiple positions in the yard or house. Brass finials and mounting brackets.

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  • Garrett Wade

    Colin Tierney, 1/31/2017 I ordered this product for my wife for Christmas and my wife was disappointed when it was opened & broken. A replacement arrived broken but a third arrived intact ! Garrett Wade stayed true to their word and made our Christmas gift a reality. Thank you Garret Wade, will will continue to shop with you.
  • Big Surprise

    Baron Rojo, 6/18/2016 Finding a place to mount this thermometer is going to prove challenging. That's because of what the photos don't show you -- because they can't! This instrument is double-sided; there's another, identical thermometer on the back of the temperature plate! And you're going to want to be sure that you mount it so both sides can be seen. It certainly made a change in MY plans.

    This is probably the largest, most impressive outdoor temperature display you can find at this time. The manufacturer [Conant] made an even larger one, and I have one. But apparently it's out of production, hard to find and excessively expensive. This version will do nicely as a more-affordable substitute.
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