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Clearance X-Long-Throw Hi-Tech Flashlight
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19F01.20 X-Long-Throw Flashlight

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04D03.08 2 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries 18650

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04D05.10 Intellicharger Model i4

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We are great fans of powerful, long-throw flashlights. Discovering this light a few months ago was a bit of a thrill. Max output is a powerful 1,000 lumens. But there are others in our hi-tech group that are more powerful than this but do not throw a spot the way this one does – 2,740 ft. The secret lies in the special, very deep reflector. (The engineering involved in this design must be impressive.) As you would expect, the spot is kept as tight as possible.

This light uses a battery pack of four #18650 rechargeable batteries, with an amazing 4 hours of runtime at 1,000 lumens and 300 hours (12-1/2 days) at 20 lumens. Complete output range is 20, 130, 400 and 1,000 lumens.

We supply the X-Long Throw LED Flashlight with four #18650 batteries Free – a $58.00 Retail Value. You will need to periodically recharge these batteries and we recommend our Model i4 Intellicharger shown.

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  • Best Light

    Jim Logan, 3/5/2015 I have tried many lights over the past 20 years, and this light tops the all. The highly polished reflector is key to the long-throw beam and the high current batteries. Around 2.3 amps as I recall. Upon examination, this light reeks of quality. I has an excellent housing and precision work is noticed throughout the light. You might want to try one of these if you need a long throw spotlight. I like it a lot and it's a 'keeper'.
  • Exactly As Described

    Ed, 9/4/2014 As those of your readers who enjoy bird watching and bird feeding know, those feeders are also popular with squirrels, skunks, possums, and, most importantly, raccoons. All of those are at my feeders here in central Michigan. The raccoons are the problem; they don't just eat the birdseed but tear the feeders to shreds. I wanted this light to spotlight the raccoons prior to dispatching them with my .22 rifle. This light does that. It projects a true spot beam with no central dark spot covering an arc of about 1-2 degrees. Around that may be seen a halo, also with an absolutely sharp edge extending out about 20 degrees. It totally immobilizes the raccoons. I like the size as it provides a comfortable grip radius which is helpful in aiming the narrow beam. It would remind you of the old D-cell lights you used as a boyscout. As an aside I would like to point out that not only are the new LEDs important in the flashlight evolution but also the now readily available 18650 rechargeable LiIon batteries are a major step forward. I've seen the transition from carbon-zinc through alkaline and now lithium ion batteries as an example of the stepwise progress in technology.
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