Yankee & Scandinavian Hatchets

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Bestseller Yankee & Scandinavian Hatchets
Perfect tools for outdoor adventure
54A03.30 15" Yankee Hatchet

Available 05/15/2021


54A03.60 Yankee with Full Sheath

Available 05/15/2021

Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price $57.50

54A03.40 19 ½" Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet

Available 05/15/2021


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These two Steel hatchets are terrific around the house or the campsite. The Yankee Hatchet is small enough to toss into a backpack or bag for your next camping trip, and is great for splitting kindling, chopping small logs, etc. Use the poll to drive stakes or straighten bent tent poles. It comes with a small leather blade guard as standard, but we now have a USA-made custom full leather sheath with Brass star-rivets for it. A belt-loop allows for the sheath and hatchet to be carried comfortably.

The Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet’s handle is longer, to provide additional momentum when chopping, but light enough for kindling, and smaller branches. The unusual shape of the face/cheeks helps prevent sticking. The heads of both are secured with specially shaped Beech wedges and further anchored with Steel ring wedges – these aren’t going anywhere. High-visibility red color on the handle ends makes them easy to spot on the forest floor.

Made to our specifications in Germany by a well respected foundry, each comes with a US-made leather sheath. Highly recommended.

Yankee Hatchet: 15” L Overall, Handle: 12.5” L, Head: 3.5” x 5.5”
Scandinavian Splitting Hatchet: 19 ½” L Overall, Handle: 17” L, Head: 3” x 7”

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Overall Rating
  • Perfect tool

    Ivorstead , 12/8/2020 Perfect tool for splitting kindling, Much better than a conventional hatchet.
  • Great Build Quality, Edge Grind Needs Improvement

    Mark, 9/10/2020 Very nice quality hatchet, the grind that comes on the axe out of the box could be improved and refined, the hatchet needed some work on the sharpening stone. Additionally, the sheath did not fit the hatchet, but Garret Wade quickly remedied the issue when I reached out to their customer service reps!
  • Improve the Edge Grind, Great Customer Service

    Mark , 9/10/2020 The yankee hatchet came with a coarse edge grind and the wrong sheath size. However, with some quick work on a sharpening stone this hatchet become a great tool! Additionally, Garrett Wade customer services quickly resolved the sheath size issue, sending me a new sheath within a week of me reaching out to customer service. This would be a 5 star product review if the hatchet came out of the box with a better edge grind.
  • Great value

    Dan, 2/13/2020 Splitting hatchet is a great value. Grain orientation on the handle was good, the length of handle and the weight of the head give it a good balance. Easy to choke up a a bit for small stuff and with a bit of muscle behind it will easily split larger logs. I use it for making kindling ....works great and I'd buy it again. Its for kindling/small stuff....its not a splitting maul !
  • Scandinavian splitting hatchet is excellent

    Ryan, 2/4/2020 I purchased this to go next to my HB hatchet by my wood stove. It breaks up wood well as the steel is of excellent quality. Easily on par with $150 hatchets. I would highly recommend. It far exceeded my expectations in all aspects.
  • Good, but...

    Shirley, 1/12/2020 Hatchet is good quality, but no one can get the sheath to fit. It appears to be too small, and not even the cross-fit weightlifter of the family can get it to close around the blade.
  • Nice but not very sharp?

    Elizabeth, 7/19/2019 Got the Yankee as a gift. It seemed to have a nice edge on it but that dulled quickly during use while camping. It's being sharpened ahead of the next camping trip so hopefully it holds its edge better this time. Maybe it wasn't fully sharpened for shipping?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Yankee Hatchet. Our tools are always sharpened by the manufacturer but they could always be a little sharper.
  • small ax

    Anna, 12/15/2018 My husband bought for our boys for xmas not used yet so hard to give review at this time. On first inspection he says it seems nice.
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