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Winter Sale Frame Clamp
Speed nut design for fast set up
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91G01.04 Frame Clamp

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A remarkably simple and effective clamping system. Long (24") threaded rods screw into four corner blocks; the whole assembly is quickly closed up to the frame by sliding the speed nuts along the rods. A quick locking twist applies final pressure. Each corner is relieved with an inside channel to ensure that the mitre fits snugly. Set includes 8 individual 24" rods, 4 extension nuts, 4 tightening nuts, and 4 corners.

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Overall Rating
  • A Great Clamp!

    Glenn Richard Yoder , 11/3/2017 Great product. Gluing up picture frames is now fun instead of frustrating. I just might go into business.
  • frame clamp

    andy roff, 10/22/2017 wonderful product, makes framing an ease, perfect square every time holds tight, love quick release nuts
  • Works Well

    Art Hartwell, 10/24/2016 Works extremely well. Makes gluing picture frame easy.
  • Corner & Frame

    Mark Kouba, 10/21/2016 4-way corner & frame work exceptionally well. It eases the work of trying to hold the four pieces together while you are gluing. Would definitely buy another and recommend this product for everyone.
  • Owner and carpenter

    Richard Nadeau, 3/29/2016 I have four of your clamps and just ordered two more. They work great. I have made hundreds of frames using white and red Oak and the clamps have amazing strength to close cuts made with wood from the saw mill that is not always straight
  • Frame Clamp Great - Nuts Not So Much

    Mike, 6/21/2015 I build a lot of picture frames and after discovering this system have used it exclusively for a number of years. I had used another system for several years but those clamps hardly ever get used now. I purchased a couple of sets of the speed nuts a couple of years ago concluding that they would speed up the setup time. Unfortunately when I tried to tighten them the threads would always release. My rating is a four since because I like the system but unfortunately the speed nuts are a waste of money.
  • Great Product

    Scott McElhearn, 12/19/2014 What a great product to work with. I can't believe how long I went without purchasing it. It is sturdy and a well made clamp. It does a very precise job. I am even redoing so old frames that I did before. Thank you again for your quick service.
  • Excellent Product

    Richard Queen, 3/2/2014 This is the best inexpensive tool for making frames that I've used. The unique brass nuts make tightening the frame very easy. I used it to make a small drawer and it came out perfectly square. When you assemble the device, which is easy, note the instructions about the tightening nuts. They don't seem as if they'd work, but they do. When you release the device, the screws will slide off the metal shafts (part of the design) so I just used some blue tape to keep them on. That way they won't get lost.
  • Why This Purchase.

    Arthur Stevenson, 2/13/2014 I purchased the 4-Way Corner & Frame Clamp" because my "Self-Squaring Frame Clamp" didn't work on a past project where there was no hole in the center for the bolt section to fit. I have no current project for it but did make a case for it to keep all the parts together until I need it."
  • Clamptastic!

    Joe Fisk, 2/24/2013 Although backordered when I put my order in, I had an opportunity to use a set of these clamps in a box making class. They are very easy to use and make aligning the mitres a breeze. I have all the parts cut for more boxes when mine arrive. Thank you.
  • Framer

    John Russell, 1/20/2013 Have not actually used it yet but put it together and it is going to work real well. A little awkward but going to make making frames an easier chore.
  • A Terrible Product

    Mark McFall, 3/21/2011 After the female threads were cut in the knurled brass nuts, the hole was enlarged and drilled at an angle to allow the nuts to quickly slide along the all-thread rods before reaching the corners. This leaves precious few partial female threads. Then, when the nuts square-up with the corners, the partial female threads are supposed to engage the male threads sufficiently to allow for tightening. Perhaps this was a good idea, but it was poorly executed on the product I received. As soon as I started to tighten the nuts, they disengaged -- failed. I am very surprised to see this poor product come from Garrett Wade. I returned mine promptly.
  • Would like to use

    Bruce Cates, 12/19/2010 Looks great, but my review is unknown" actually. The online catalog showed this in-stock, but it wound up "back ordered," and won't be there for my Brother's Christmas."
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