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Winter Sale Swedish Spoon Carving Tools
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Carving wooden spoons is a classic easy-to-do hobby, and one of the best ways to introduce beginners to woodcarving. A decent spoon can be carved from block to soup in a single afternoon by even a novice whittler, and that’s what makes it an excellent teaching aid – spoon carving delivers instant feedback and great satisfaction.

Not only is the accomplishment itself satisfying, the end product (the spoons) will be constantly used in household food preparation. Preparing the evening meal with tools carved by the same hand is rare these days. It makes a nice impression at dinner to say, “Let’s use these. I made them”.

This 3-tool set from Sweden is all you need – the Straight Blade Knife, and the Broad Curve and Tight Curve Carving Hooks, all with traditional birch wood handles. The curved blade tools allow you to confidently form the hollow of the spoon, and greatly ease the task of smoothing the long rounded edges. The Straight Blade Knife is used primarily for shaping the back of the spoon and handle. Spoon carving is great fun. Highly recommended for any carver age 10 (with adult supervision) and above.

As an add on to these carving tools we suggest these innovative Finger Guards as great way to protect your fingers from accidental cuts. Comfortable and secure, they offer the kind of manual dexterity you can’t get while using work gloves.

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Overall Rating
  • A+

    Claire H. Miller, 12/8/2017 I bought these for my husband...He's a novice wood carver but very knowledgeable when it comes to tools. He said he couldn't have picked out a better spoon carving set if he tried.
  • Spoon carving set

    Steve Taylor, 9/23/2017 I purchased the spoon carving set for my wife, who has become enamored with wood carving but didn't have any of the right tools. She had been making spoon-like things using pruning shears. She was VERY excited by these knives, and they are performing beautifully even for a rookie carver. They feel great in her hands and the control she has is wonderful.
  • Great Set

    TexasA, 1/15/2017 Bought this as a gift for a woodworker. He absolutely loved them and the quality was great. We were able to use them right away. No knicks as another review stated but perhaps they changed the way they shipped. Very well packed.
  • Spoon carving tools

    Robert Morton, 10/1/2016 The tools were every thing I expected, since I have a few of the laminated knives from a former purchase. The only negative thing had to do with the edges that had been nicked either by poor handling or poor packing for shipment. both tools suffered from nicks in the edges. It takes hours to resharpen tools with curved blades.
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